Comprehensive advice on occupational pension provisions

Swiss Risk & Care offers comprehensive advice on occupational pension provisions and a view of all social benefits, both professional and private.
Whether you are your own pension fund institution, a collective foundation, a common foundation, governed by private or public law, a public institution or a local or multinational company, our goal is to help you make the right decisions, at the right time and with your free and informed consent.
The costs relating to pension provisions form an important item in a corporate budget. It is therefore of the utmost importance to have good support and counselling. Our experts are there for you to help you define the best solution for your occupational pension provisions.

Our services in occupational pension provisions can provide you with support on the road toward change

Occupational pension provisions (or 2nd pillar) are set up by the employer for the employees. It is governed by the Federal Law on Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pension Plans (LPP).
In order to deal with the growing complexity of the rules and regulations surrounding occupational pension provisions, our experts constantly monitor the market and the rules and regulations in order to support you and advise you on all the aspects.
Choice of a pension provision solution
  • Analysis of your pension provision plan
  • Drawing up a report for the HR Department and the Direction including any proposals of adaptation to market trends or for new legal provisions
  • Presentation of various types of contract and provision of decision-making tools
  • Support and advice for the management committee during the bidding process
  • Preparation of a detailed list of providers, preparation of a decision matrix, organisation of the submission of tenders by the providers retained
Help in decision making
  • Change management: information for employees regarding the new pension fund institution, transfer of personal data and assets, timetable, configuration of the IT system with the HR Department, transfer of cases currently receiving benefits (disability benefits), subscription and medical examinations, drawing up contractual documents (new affiliation agreement, pension plan, etc.)
  • Support for the management committee during its meetings, including training for new representatives and the organisation of elections if necessary

Our services for occupational pension provisions, to suit your requirements 

Day-to-day management of your contract
  • Renewal and/or adaptation of contracts to meet new legal provisions and/or new market practices
  • Annual report and benchmark for the HR Department and the Direction
  • Processing of entries and transfers
  • Creation of explanatory notices for employees and on-site or videoconference information meetings
  • Coordination with the HR team and the Payroll provider for transfers
  • Possibility to create a secure link between the Payroll provider and our PeopleSoft software
  • Support for the management of long-term absences by a dedicated expert, including coordination with your absence management provider and/or your HR team as well as management of contribution liberation with the Pension Fund Institution and coordination with the Payroll provider
Training and information
  • A training programme adapted to your specific needs, based on real cases and experience feedback
  • Choice of subjects covered and the depth desired
  • The trainers are recognised professionals in their various complementary domains (actuaries, jurists, human resource specialists, tax specialists and accountants)
  • The organisation information sessions and seminars on the Swiss pension provision system and your company’s occupational pension fund with the possibility of providing individual meetings.
International accounting standards
  • Evaluate a company’s commitments according to international accounting standards (IAS19, US GAAP ASC 715, IPSAS 39) with the help of software recognized by the largest auditing companies
  • Etablish a clear and made-to-measure report
  • Consolidate the commitments of multi-nationals with an evaluation at foreign subsidiaries level thanks to our global network of consultants

Our advantages in occupational pension provisions 

A Care Desk dedicated to employees
A team of multilingual managers with a direct line for all questions including specific help for repurchases, retirement or departure, etc.
The synergy between departments
Our Payroll and Absence Management Departments work in coordination with the Department LPP at Swiss Risk & Care. For seamless management.
Expertise, proximity and independence
You can take advantage of professional advice for all questions regarding social insurance and pension provisions. We cultivate proximity with our clients and are always available for the issues confronting them. Our independence guarantees that there are no conflicts of interest.
Our associated services 
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