• Swiss Risk & Care, the architect of your insurance solutions
    Let’s innovate together to insure tomorrow. The leading broker in French-speaking Switzerland, Swiss Risk & Care offers you made-to-measure solutions and high added value services.
  • The challenges facing HR
    The health crisis and its economic and social consequences have accelerated the transformation of work. HR teams must now redefine existing models taking into account human, management and organisational issues. Deciding to outsource certain administrative tasks enables HR departments to fully take on this new role, which is crucial for a company’s long-term survival.
  • Optimal health insurance coverage: a plus for the employee and the employer
    Having good health insurance has numerous advantages, including for employers. Companies can then participate in the implementation of collective or individual health insurance solutions. While it is not necessary, the employer’s financial participation constitutes a real benefit for employees and becomes an important element in increasing employee loyalty. Depending on your employment strategy and the population to be insured, Swiss Risk & Care offers three types of solution.


The referent broker for insurance, pension provisions and for the externalisation of HR services.

Swiss Risk & Care guarantees optimum protection for companies, employees and individuals.
We cultivate a specific savoir-faire. We help HR departments in their desire to reinforce their employees’ advantages and liberate them from administrative tasks, allowing them to concentrate on their core business: the management human resources. 

Our difference: our dedicated Caredesks, made up of managers who accompany and provide support to HR services and their staff on a daily basis.
Présentation SRC

Our areas of activity: Insurance, Pension Provisions, HR services, Actuarial Counselling

In insurance, pension provisions and HR services, we position ourselves as the real architects of solutions designed to solve the issues and specific needs of our clients. Audacity and innovation are the words we live by.


Swiss Risk & Care perceives itself to be an architect of insurance solutions. While searching for the coverage most adapted to its clients’ requirements, both corporate and individual, Swiss Risk & Care has developed a functional agility that guarantees responsiveness and innovation.
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Pension provisions

A complete range of solutions to prepare for your retirement and that of your staff, creating savings, reducing taxes and allowing you to build the foundations for a more secure future.
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HR Services

The administrative part is important, time-consuming and strongly mobilises the HR teams. By deciding to outsource all or part of these tasks, you give yourself the opportunity to devote yourself fully to your core business: the management of the men and women in the company.
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Actuarial Consulting

Having calculation and modelling tools and expert advice on risk management are key factors for a company or an institution. We have developed these skills at Swiss Risk & Care to support our clients in their growth.
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You are...
We work with a wide variety of clients: SMBs, independent professions, multi-nationals, pension fund institutions, public entities, international organisations and private clients. For each of them we profile our answers providing you with solutions that are made-to-measure and seamless. 

Our services for companies

We offer guarantees that fully meet your needs and those of your employees; that is our contribution to the performance and development of your company and also to the well-being of your staff.
Cover my activity’s risks
No matter what the nature of the risks, we manage your insurance portfolio, at every step, in all fairness and transparency.
Build employee loyalty
In freeing HR services from their administrative tasks, we contribute to the improvement of employee benefits programmes.
Manage my international insurance
Are you developing your activities on an international level? We can look after the extension of your contracts and provide you with solutions anywhere in the world.

Our services for independent professions

We can provide you with turnkey solutions adapted to the particularities of your profession and taking into account your needs on the personnel level; this is our answer to helping you on a daily basis.
Insure my independent activity
We offer you support with advice and professional insurance offers adapted to your constraints and budget.
Guarantee my income
As a director, have you thought about hedging your future against life’s uncertainties? We can help you to prepare for your future and your retirement serenely.
Protect my employees
We help you to preserve your employees’ pension provisions and health while allowing you to take advantages of tax allowances.
Benefit from financing solutions
Do you have a development project or do you want to invest in equipment? We have the solution that will allow you to achieve your ambitions.

Our services for individuals

We can make you a global offer of coverage for health, property, pension provisions, purchasing power. It is our role, as a committed broker, to accompany you throughout your life.
Insure my property
Protect what is dear to you… we have the solution that will provide you with the best coverage/premium ratio.
Choosing my life insurance
It is primordial to insure oneself against life’s accidents… call on our specialists for a personalised proposal.
Anticipating my retirement
Building a capital to avoid decreased income after retirement is something that must be addressed now. There are solutions.
Finding financing solutions
Do you plan to acquire residential property? Consult us. Our mortgage loans may open the doors for you.

Swiss Risk & Care's key figures

A key player in the brokerage world, Swiss Risk & Care has been able to strengthen the synergy of its expertise and its tools, and consolidate its independence with respect to insurance companies, for the benefit of its clients.
expert employees
premiums under management (mio CHF)
broker in the Lemanic Arc area in Switzerland
Lloyd’s broker in Switzerland
leading broker of Switzerland
ISO 27001
High level of IT security
ISAE 3402
Certification of the effectiveness and reliability of the internal control system for service provision
Our News
Committed to all questions relating to insurance, pension provisions and human resources, our experts can help you to analyse the news.

The merger of Swiss Risk & Care and Qualibroker


The parent companies of Swiss Risk & Care and Qualibroker, respectively the SIACI SAINT HONORÉ Group and the Burrus Group, have signed an agreement to create the leading independent European insurance broker operating worldwide.
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The challenges facing HR


The health crisis and its economic and social consequences have accelerated the transformation of work. To help HR professionals meet the new challenges of their profession, one solution is to outsource certain administrative tasks.
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