Retirement, health and insurance... choose the best coverage for your staff

Because your staff represent the most precious of your resources, Swiss Risk & Care provides you with advice and support in setting up your insurance coverage in order to provide them with the best protection.

If you wish to increase your staff’s loyalty, set up a policy of talent management and increase the attraction of your company, we are there by your side to help you in the elaboration of your employee benefits programme.
Whether your company has only a few employees or several thousand, we guarantee you close support and premium service.

Insurance of persons for your employees

As an employer, it is your responsibility to insure your employees against accidents (Federal Law on Accident Insurance LAA), and for the risks of old age, disability and death (Federal Law on Occupational Benefit Plans concerning Old-Age, Survivors and Disability LPP). On the other hand, insurance for loss of earnings for illness and health insurance are optional. They are, however, important social benefits for your staff.
Accident and Loss of Earnings for Illness Insurances
Alternative, optimised solutions for the domain of Accident and Loss of Earnings for Illness insurances which are often considered to be a heavy burden for the company.
Occupational Pension Plan
We can provide you with comprehensive pension plan advice for an overview of all your social and professional benefits and customised solutions to build loyalty with your staff while optimising your costs.
Medical expenses
A concept and management of group health insurance contracts.
Expatriates Plan
Solutions adapted to expatriates in the framework of the international management of your talents and building their loyalty to the company.

Our solutions to optimise your employees’ coverage

In order to guarantee a high level of excellence in our services, we have designed tailor-made products with high added value for all types of companies in Switzerland. We provide you with a powerful resources to help you choose the most efficient coverage for your employees.
The Corporate Benefit Statement (CBS)
A detailed analysis of the overall situation of a company's social coverage.
The Individual Social Report (ISR)
A clear, concise document that summarizes your company's compensation, benefits and employee benefits. 
Actuarial Consulting
A scientific study to help you make your insurance choices.

Employees/employers: shared benefits

  • We guarantee the treatment and rigorous monitoring of each insured person thanks to our dedicated CareDesks
  • Provide your employees with advice tailored to their needs, at every stage of their lives
Take advantage of the provision of high added-value services thanks to our experts (HR, LPP, insurances)
We relieve you of administrative tasks so that you may concentrate on the company’s HR strategy… a great savings of precious time, especially in times of crisis.
Creating loyalty
  • Improve employee benefits thanks to attractive insurances
  • Insure the well-being of your staff
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