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"Let us dare today to insure tomorrow"

Swiss Risk & Care (SRC) is a broker, multi-specialist and insurance, pension and HR services advise.
While technical excellence in customer satisfaction is a founding principle of Swiss Risk & Care, our core value is independence.
Our entrepreneurial spirit and collective dynamics mean we are constantly challenging ourselves to move further and faster together.

Always by your side

With our expertise and our wider services market offer, we advise and support our clients on all issues related to their insurance or retirement.
To further facilitate the lives of our clients, we have exceeded our original role of broker to offer even more, especially in the services offered to a company’s HR departments.



Value your HR strategy

Discover our solutions to analyse your social coverage, optimise your social security and promote it with your employees.

Optimise your insurance costs

With our innovative approach and our unique expertise in actuarial analysis, learn how to optimise your insurance costs.

Manage absenteeism

Discover the actions to reduce absenteeism within your company, to reduce associated costs and increase productivity.

Our services

An alliance of expertise for customer satisfaction

At Swiss Risk & Care, everyone’s skills are networked to benefit our customers and offer them a wide range of services. In addition to our technical expertise, we attach great importance to supporting our customers to make sure they receive a tailored service that meets their needs.
Driven by a commitment to continuous innovation, we create products and solutions for our customers that do not exist on the market or that do exist but offer less flexibility.

Protect my employees

Human resources management, a key element of a company’s success, requires specialised expertise combined with a support service that is tailored to your HR policy.
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Secure my assets

Managing the risks to your holdings allows you to limit financial losses in the event of an accident or loss and to quickly resume normal business activity.
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Ensure business continuity

Protecting your business also involves predicting risks where the sustainability of your business is challenged, directly or indirectly, by your business activities.
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Manage my pension fund

The pension fund within the Swiss social system requires separate skills and expertise for optimal management through quality services.
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About us

Our identity

Swiss Risk & Care is an independant broker, specialised in insurances, pension fund and HR services.
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Our commitment

Combining skills and expertise, Swiss Risk & Care offers its clients long-term flexibility.
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Our governance

Swiss Risk & Cares client-orientated organisation allows it to guarantee its clients and insured excellent services
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Interested in joining a dynamic team? Contact Swiss Risk & Care
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