Corporate management that is both transparent and successful

A clear efficient and transparent organisation is a determining factor in our service businesses. Following the principles of good governance, Swiss Risk & Care is administered by various decision-making and executive bodies with clearly defined roles and functions. 

Our Board of Directors

Swiss Risk & Care's Board of Directors is composed of 8 Directors, who make proposals, advise and control the Executive Management of Swiss Risk & Care.
Pierre Donnersberg
Pierre Donnersberg
Chairman of the Executive Board Swiss Risk & Care - Chairman of the Executive Board SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP
Jean-Pierre Jacquemoud, Vice-Chairman of the Board , Partner of the Geneva law firm Jacquemoud & Stanislas

Alain Nicod, Managing Partner VI Partners SA (capital-risk), Chairman of the Board Verbier Festival Foundation

Richard Racine, Executive Board Member of Swiss Risk & Care

Pierrick Leprince, CEO and Board Member of Swiss Risk & Care
Anja Wyden Guelpa, CEO civicLab, non executive Board Member

Hervé Houdard, Managing Director SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP

Daniel Loup, Insurance professional, former board member of several swiss insurance companies 

Our strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee sets the strategy for the entire Group and ensures its implementation in order to promote organic growth and welcome new members. Three members from the Board of Directors sits on the Strategic Committee:
Pierre Donnersberg
Pierre Donnersberg
Chairman of the Executive Board Swiss Risk & Care - Chairman of the Executive Board SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP
Pierrick Leprince
CEO & Executive Board Member
Richard Racine
Executive Board Member

Our Directors 

Our Directors oversee the daily monitoring of customer satisfaction and the operational implementation of strategic projects.
Jean-François André
Jean-François André
Occupational Pension Benefits Director
David Cochet
David Cochet
Valérie Cruchet
Communication and Business Development Director
Pierrick Leprince
CEO & Executive Board Member
Anne-Sophie Portier-Julien
CFO and HR Director
Yvan Roux
Corporate Clients Director
Eric Varidel
Gest-Union Director

Our engagement as the leading broker in French-speaking Switzerland

We base our success on the commitment of our teams and the proximity that we cultivate with a great diversity of clients: SMEs, multinationals, pension fund institutions, public entities, international organisations and private clients.
The efficiency of our support is based on the privileged relationship between each client and a dedicated contact person from Swiss Risk & Care. The latter relies on the various types of expertise available at each Care Desk and coordinates their actions. 
This organisation enables the most suitable solutions to be selected. It is the guarantee of the global excellence that we owe our clients. 
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