Discover the guarantees that are essential in your daily life, in Switzerland or while travelling abroad, for all your insurance needs.

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Auto insurance

Home insurance

Public liability insurance

Repatriation assistance

Travel insurance

Collectibles insurance
Auto insurance is required to repay the damage caused to others.
But what happens in the event of your own claim and those of third parties?
To protect your car, your motorbike and even your boat and better meet your needs, our private consultants guide you in the different insurance options available and inform you of the benefits in the event of damage.

Whether you rent or own, you’re single or live with a family, whether you’re a student, professionally active, or retired, your home insurance must be adapted to suit your situation. Swiss Risk & Care is there to assist you in selecting your cover to ensure a fairer price for insured benefits.


Household insurance

Household insurance covers financial losses in the event of fire, water damage or theft. Swiss Risk & Care helps you estimate your values to be insured (furniture, clothes, household appliances, etc.) and to choose the most favourable terms.

Public liability insurance

A must-have in your daily life, Civil Liability cover protects you in the event of damage caused to third parties, and defends you against unjustified financial claims. With Swiss Risk & Care, you can benefit from high-level services at the best prices.

For frequent travellers or those who travel on an occasional basis, Swiss Risk & Care offers assistance cover adapted to your circumstances. In addition to price, our experts help you select the best services for immediate care wherever you are in the world.


Repatriation assistance

Travel, holiday and entertainment: you and your family want to benefit from fast and reliable help during any emergency, in Switzerland or abroad. Our consultants guide you in your choice of medical assistance cover in the event of emergency hospitalisation abroad, repatriation, search and rescue costs or legal protection abroad.

Travel insurance

Discover our solutions for your expenses related to the reorganisation of your trip (cancellation, delay or extension), loss of luggage or means of payment. Our teams also direct you to services to prepare your travels (medical advice, etc.) and receive telephone assistance for all your unexpected situations.
Works of art and valuables are estate assets with both sentimental and financial value, the management of which requires special and  customised care.
Our Fine Art team combines the expertise of specialists in the field of art with that of insurance professionals to offer personalised service.
Whether you are a private collector, corporate collector, museum, or other art professional, our solutions provide you with insurance cover to meet your needs.


We support you in all your efforts, from protecting your works, to inventorying your collection, to managing your claims, including recommendations for preserving your property.


Our knowledge of the market and insurers allows us to offer insurance cover tailored to meet your conservation, exhibition and transportation needs.

Valuables insurance

Swiss Risk & Care helps you protect all your valuables: works of art, jewellery, watches, collectible books, wine, musical instruments, etc.
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