Optimise the costs of your insurance costs

Learn how to optimise the costs of your insurance programmes through the benefits of our methodology and our expertise


Managing your insurance policies requires ongoing work to bring optimisation levers into play and master the various parameters. It is our role as an independent broker to take care of your policies and assist you in managing your risks. We offer you the following four services:


Our teams

HR tool

Risk management tool


Our teams of experts assist you throughout the various stages of managing your policies. With their knowledge of the market and thorough understanding of your needs, they set out a personalised action plan for each managed risk.

Through our tools to manage your HR claims, you find out about your claims and their settlements in their entirety, and take corrective measures accordingly.

With our risk management tool, you quickly see all elements relating to your insurance portfolio. Uniform indicators and the rigorous monitoring of claims allow you to identify and anticipate risk areas.

Our annual insurance review meeting allows you to have a strategic view of the trends affecting your portfolio. On the basis of our recommendations and market knowledge, we have set out the following actions to be taken.


The monitoring and administration of your claims allows our teams of actuaries to accurately analyse your risk profile. This important work is a regular source of innovation. Through a scientific approach, the preparation of an actuarial study will clarify things for you while you make choices. Depending on your claims and settlements thereof and your funding capacity, we can particularly support you in the implementation of self-insurance models, especially for gain/loss and medical expenses policies.

As an independent broker, our duty is to ensure our customers that their insurance policies are placed on the market in the most transparent way possible, both with regard to our clients and companies. We carry our tender processes with fairness and reference to precise specifications validated by our customers.
Negotiating your risk at the right price is facilitated by the fact that our actuaries have analysed your claims base.
By choosing Swiss Risk & Care as a partner, you are calling on a professional to assist you in the areas of insurance, pension and HR services. Because of our teams’ expertise and our rigorous processes, we free your teams from a number of administrative tasks and simplify management through our single entry point.
The selection of a single provider also allows you to optimise the interface costs that many require, both in terms of human management as well as data interchange between systems.
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