Swiss Risk & Care, your partner for insurance, pension provision and HR services

We are the leading broker in French-speaking Switzerland. Our mission is to advise you and accompany you in all your issues related to insurance or pension provision contracts
To make things even easier for you, we have extended our original role as a corporate insurance broker to go even further particularly in the domain of actuarial counselling and services provided to HR departments.

Our identity

The independant broker, specialised in insurances, pension fund and HR services.
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Your contacts

We base our success on the commitment of our teams and the proximity that we cultivate with a wide variety of clients.
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    The insurance broker’s job

    Insurance is essential and even obligatory to avoid finding oneself face to face with serious financial problems following unforeseen events. But how can one be sure of having coverage that is best adapted and at the lowest cost?
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Our news

Taking stock of our attitude to work


Employees’ attitude to work has undergone deep transformation over the last decade. This evolution was therefore already in place well before the health crisis and it is forcing those working in Human Resources to adapt to the new paradigm.
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Accident prevention and insurance


In Switzerland, 6% of the working population fall victim to a workplace accident every year. This is a heavy burden for businesses, both at a human and economic level. Prevention and management are at the heart of the fight against workplace accidents. As is having insurance with adequate cover.
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