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Swiss Risk & Care has an essential goal to give meaning to its project and nourish a strong corporate culture to promote the adhesion and cohesion of its staff.

Why choose Swiss Risk & Care?

For each of our staff members, the quest for excellence is a daily challenge. Swiss Risk & Care provides the best context in which to surpass oneself. A source of pride and appreciation, this committed stance is built on the success of the team.
We are particularly attached to the management of our human capital. Our capacity to accompany each of our staff members, to value their contribution and to promote their fulfilment, is essential for corporate performance. A state of mind that brings us together and is lived each day.

Our priority: your quality of life at work

Swiss Risk & Care offers numerous advantages to its staff such as the contributions to health insurance, to public transport costsa 13th month salary, etc.

We also encourage continuing education in order to help employees who wish to progress in their profession, in their career path and in the company.

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The right skills for the right job

Convinced that human capital is an important link in the organisational health of a company, Swiss Risk & Care pays special attention to selecting the right skills for the right job.
With this in mind, our mission and values are clearly communicated and all positions are specifically outlined: work environment, internal relations, levels of skill and responsability. Swiss Risk & Care ensures the integration of new employees at both team level and company level by organising internal events that promote and encourage contacts.

Our vision of recruitment 

Swiss Risk & Care is constantly searching for talents to complete its teams and is committed to offering training to young people as part of an internship or apprenticeship.
Our committed and ethical HR policy encourages diversity in all its forms. In the image of civil society, our staff represent a real diversity of profiles and provide a source of innovation, performance and richness for the group. The competencies and qualifications if candidates are examined objectively and without discrimination. Equal opportunity is a rule for us.
The recruitment process at Swiss Risk & Care is pleasant, a real moment for exchange and dialogue. It is made up of 5 steps.