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As an insurance broker covering all sectors, we offer complete risk coverage to companies, no matter what their size, with the best coverage/risk ratio.
Thanks to our methodology and our savoir-faire, we help them to optimise their insurance portfolio and detect any shortcomings in their insurance coverage. Our knowledge of the market and the legal structure applicable to insurance allows us to guarantee that our clients will benefit from competitive framework agreements. Our expert actuaries perform an analysis of risks and claims.
The first Lloyd's broker in Switzerland, we are positioning ourselves as veritable architects of insurance solutions.

Our services for corporate insurances

To insure you and your professional risks
• Civil liability
• Operating loss
• Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O)
• Cyber risks
• Fraud and malicious intent
• Kidnapping & Ransom
• Key person
Insure your assets
• Movable assets
• Property assets
• Merchandise
• Construction
To provide you with high value-added services
• Mediation and advocacy

The advantages of our corporate insurance services

Insurance solutions tailored to your needs:
• Centralised insurance management
• Risk management adapted to your organisation and governance
• Identification of local managers
• Standardisation of coverage levels between countries
• Identification of duplicates and/or lack of insurance
• Compliance with local legal regulations
• Homogeneity of information
• Sharing a common dedicated tool
• Definition of a validation workflow
• Industrialisation of the risk management process
• Pooling of insurance risks
• Sharing partners

Corporate risk management

Our solutions to insure emerging risks confronting companies.
Companies have always been confronted with new types of risk, named “emerging risks”. Whether they are new, or in constant evolution, they are difficult to identify and to manage. However, solutions exist.
The impact of climate change, the emergence of new health risks, cybercrime, reputation risks, etc., companies today have never been exposed to such a high number of risks. And their management has proved delicate, especially for emerging risks. In the insurance domain the latter are usually known as “risks that may be susceptible to arising in the future and showing a high potential for claims”, according to the definition supplied by the Swiss Insurance Association (SIA). Their dynamic evolution and their complexity make them risks that are particularly difficult to identify, quantify and understand. However, should they occur, they may have great impact on companies, governments and insurers.

Identifying emerging risks

“Emerging risks arise directly from the evolution of our society and the preoccupations that these changes engender”, is the analysis of Sophie Di Meglio, Director Special Risks at Swiss Risk & Care. “Climate change, environmental consciousness, the migration problem, geopolitical tensions, the increasing power of technology in all areas: these are all complex issues that may have substantial impact. New technologies, for example, can lead to new risks that are difficult to manage: cyber security risks, self-drive vehicles, GMOs, robotics, 3D printing, artificial organs, and the list is still long! These risks must be better identified in order to encourage early reflexion so that they can be prevented or limited.”
Risques émergents

Limited insurance against the new risks

However, few of these risks are insured; some cannot be insured and others can be insured with niche insurers, but this means very high premiums. The reason for this is the lack of knowledge of the risk, a lack of statistical data, the absence of regulation and/or a lack of legal clarity. If the regulations concerning cyber risk is a little clearer now and has enabled the creation of specific products, it is less so in other areas. Some insurers are able to offer made-to-measure guarantees, for operational risk for example, a subject that is more and more worrying for companies. A la carte guarantees for certain key operational risks, in the closest possible adequation with scenarios elaborated by the company, with important capacities provided by these insurers to meet catastrophic risks.

Insuring one’s company for better management of emerging risks

Specialised support to respond to deficiencies.
The broker must inform insurance companies of the problems confronting their clients. To do so, they must have full knowledge of their client’s environment so that they can identify and understand the risks as well as their interactions. This will then allow them to discuss and negotiate with the insurer in order to set up coverage that is adapted to the company’s needs. When the Swiss insurance market reaches its limits, solutions can be found abroad or even constructed from the ground up (see below).
What does the future hold for Swiss insurance companies? The strategic analysis by EY on the future of the sector leaves them with three choices: perish, survive or prosper. To be continued…
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