Reduce the cost of my basic health insurance

Between premium increases and franchises, the cost of your basic health insurance weighs ever more heavily in your budget.

Take the bull by the horns and take steps now to choose the right models to reduce your premiums. The independent experts in our Team FMSI (Individual Solutions for Health Insurances) will be able to guide you through the jungle of insurance solutions and give you the benefit of their comprehensive knowledge of the subject to pay less while retaining complete coverage.

You can save up to 60% on your current basic premium.

So why pay more?

Optimize my supplementary health insurance

Your ideal coverage is our goal. We can advise you, in total independence, on the choice of coverage that is best adapted to your needs. Do you want private health plan coverage and need a guarantee that you are covered no matter what happens during your vacation abroad? No problem. Thanks to a questionnaire, we can evaluate your specific needs for all services:
  • Hospitalisation
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Dental care
  • Care abroad
  • Alternative medicine
These data are then analysed and injected into the Swiss Risk & Care comparator. We will accompany you in deciphering the results and set out recommendations to guide you in your choice. Requests for offers and negotiations with insurers are also part of our mission.

Our comparator for supplementary health insurance

An innovative tool that is unique on the market. It analyses the services offered by seven healthcare insurances, the level of premiums and the insurers’ degree of solvability. It was developed using an independent method and takes into account more pertinent criteria than other known comparators.

In detail

Sanitas, CSS, Helsana, Groupe Mutuel, Swica, Visana and Concordia are the seven companies selected after analysis of the following criteria:
  • Market position
  • Financial situation (reserves, solvency ratio, compensation fund, etc.)
  • Evolution of premiums
  • Evolution and quality of services


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