Article published in Insurance Inside n°16 - Decembre 2019

Solutions adapted to your business needs

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Standard insurance and pension products are not suitable for all companies. Specific needs sometimes require tailor-made solutions. If you cannot find them on the market, you can rely on Swiss Risk & Care to create them. Examples
In 2017, Switzerland had nearly 590,000 businesses*. Whatever their field of activity, size or age, these companies have many aspects in common. They all have invested capital, one or more employees and the desire to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It is differences such as lower prices, higher quality and proven value that drive consumers to buy a particular product or service. The employees who work there, the organization and social benefits are also differentiating factors.
Each company is therefore unique and does not always find a good solution in terms of insurance and pensions, two areas which are stagnant, with standard products. Swiss Risk & Care, as an independent broker, is able to meet the specific needs of its customers, somtimes going off the beaten track, sometimes creating comprehensive solutions. Proof in 3 examples.

Example 1: the creation of group policies

Group policies covering medical expenses are one of the techniques used by companies to increase their attractiveness for both current and future employees. «Depending on the needs of the various categories of staff - employees, cross-border workers, expatriates, impatriates - healthcare coverage must be created from scratch» says Richard Racine, Managing Director of Swiss Risk & Care. «We design different varieties of coverage and then negotiate with the health insurance companies. The risk is placed with the insurer, who will then manage the policies and set the premiums. This service is also combined with a unique after-sales service, more serious than Omar and Fred’s one, smiles Richard Racine. A caredesk, made up of specialists in health insurance, provides support to the customers in place of the insurer, and in 5 languages.»

Example 2: special clauses

Certain special clauses, particularly in the context of group agreements, are very difficult to obtain from a health insurers. This is the case for exclusive coverage - insurers are prohibited from offering them to other customers - and even vested benefits. «Employees of international organizations, for example, may have to change their status during their career. They need the guarantee of being able to go from one healthcare solution to another without a medical form, explains Racine. It is our job as a broker to obtain these benefits, if it is the wish of the client.»

Example 3: integral management for third parties

«In order to bid for a public contract, we spent a year developing a compu- ter management application and fully conceptualized an external service for the reimbursement of medical expenses for migrants. This was an investment that we had decided to make, and with good reason as we won the contract, says Anabela Melancia, Director of the Claims Caredesk at Swiss Risk & Care.Our department has been operating as a real health insurance fund serving a number of clients for 15 years now. We provide security to all stakeholders, but particularly to our agents who are tasked with insuring the clientele they look after using our rigorous management services
*Source : Statistique structurelle des entreprises STATENT, 22.08.2019

Swiss Risk & Care - Anabela Melancia

Anabela Melancia, Director of the Claims Caredesk

The Claims Caredesk in a nutshell
Comprising 30 employees, the Claims Caredesk handles over 200,000 health care bills each year for around 9,000 policy holders.
Its duties include:
  • Affiliating each member of the population in question
  • Paying healthcare premiums
  • Entering, checking and paying invoices from healthcare providers
  • Getting the best possible insurance refund
  • Coordinating between the various actors (customers, insurance companies, healthcare providers)
  • Managing the accounts
  • Reporting to customers
Richard Racine Interview
Independent broker Swiss Risk & Care has designed and developed a new type of pension fund. Explanations.

At a time when pension providers are consolidating, why did you launch Opsion?

The logic behind Opsion is twofold. The first concerns the expectations of companies. They are looking for flexibility in the management of their occupational pension plans. Our customers have approached us several times in this regard. Secondly, the French-speaking Swiss market only offered one solution which did not fully meet the needs of our customers. We therefore decided to launch an open architecture fund offering two schemes, differentiated by the degree of autonomy and choice available to the company.

What are the criteria for intervention by the company?

The «Pension Fund» solution is the most flexible, companies can create a bespoke occupational pension solutions within Opsion while benefiting from shared structural costs, cost-effectively negotiated fees and the transfer of risks. They therefore have the freedom to choose their pension plans, their conversion rates and other technical parameters, the reinsurer and actuarial risk coverage, as well as the investment strategy. Furthermore, managing their pension funds comprehensively and independently enables them to choose their own financial service providers and external consultants

Flexibility is also the key feature of a new product...

We are currently launching an individual pension solution called Opsion 3a for which the risk profile can be selected on a scale from 0 to 5, as can the associated investment strategy. And these can be changed at any time! Flexibility is also combined with simplicity, the entire process of opening and managing 3a accounts has been digitised. This enables us to keep up with changing practices, the market and the needs of our customers, to create bespoke solutions. This forms part of the DNA of the Swiss Risk & Care group, which has over 30 years of experience, although the group has only been in existence for 5.

Swiss Risk & Care - Richard Racine
Managing Director of Swiss Risk & Care, Richard Racine initiated the project to create Opsion.