Outsource the management of your pension fund to a team of professionals

Do you want to save time for your HR team, satisfy your policy holders and deliver quality, bespoke services?
Our multilingual managers ensure the full management of your pension fund in connection with the Foundation’s Board.

Technical management

Managing changes to the accounts of active policy holders and beneficiaries
Managing the savings accounts of active policy holders
Generating simulations


Keeping general accounts and share accounts
Managing current accounts
Drawing up financial statements (annual accounts and annexes) to meet the Swiss GAAP RPC 26 directives


Submitting the necessary data and documents to the auditors, the reinsurer, the professional provident fund expert and the supervisory authority

Communication with policy holders

Informing policy holders of their benefits (issuing personal insurance
certificates) and any changes to the regulations
Drawing up annual reports of the institution's activity

Support services

Assisting the provident fund's managers with complex cases

Running provident fund schemes

Coordinating and supervising the various external partners
Organising and hosting sessions of the Foundation Committee
Drafting minutes
Implementing decisions

Our additional services

  • Negotiating reinsurance cover
  • Advice for employers
  • Actuarial analysis
  • Legal advice on occupational pensions
  • Training and information
  • Investment advice
Flexible and efficient, our management tool is designed for secure, automated exchange of information. Tried and tested for over 25 years, our system can optimise the management of your pension fund.
We also offer two web portals:

Web portal for HR

  • Secure sharing of information
  • Option of updating data for individual policy holders or making collective changes
  • Creation of data lists

Web portal for policy holders

  • 24/7 access to services
  • Update personal information
  • Tool for generating simulations
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