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Health insurance: how to optimise your coverage?

Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. Everyone, as soon as they take up residence in Switzerland, must contract insurance covering them in case of illness or accident.
Compulsory health insurance (AOS), also known as basic insurance, guarantees access to extensive, quality care for all from the beginning of the obligation to contract insurance. It covers care in case of illnessmaternity and accident and provides the same catalogue of services to all those insured.
Insurance for accidents may be discontinued for all those who have gainful employment in excess of eight hours per week. In this case, accident insurance is assumed by the employer.

How to choose my health insurance?

Various forms of compulsory health insurance are offered by insurance companies. Some allow significant premium discounts.
For your protection and to best meet your needs, our private advisors can guide you in your choice and throw light on sensitive services.

You are free to choose your insurer amongst those who are active where you live.

Approximately 60 insurers are recognised by the Confederation as non-profit organisations who offer compulsory health insurance. They must, within the limits of their area of activity, accept all those who are obliged to have insurance coverage and to treat all those insured equally without making a distinction on the basis of the state of health or any indication of the latter. This is particularly important at the time of affiliation; when choosing the type of insurance and for the reimbursement of benefits.

Under the compulsory health insurance, you may choose the ordinary deductible (CHF 300 for adults and CHF 0 for children) or optional deductibles which are higher. As well as the premiums, the deductible will be at your expense, meaning an annual fixed amount which corresponds to your contribution to the cost of benefits: doctors' costs, hospital costs or medication. 
By increasing the amount of your annual deductible, you will have the advantage of a reduction of the premium which varies according to the deductible chosen.
You may only change the amount of your deductible at the beginning of a new calendar year.
Care providers
The forms of insurance limiting the choice of care providers can bring savings of up to a maximum of 20%. This is the case of HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) models, when the policy holder is treated in a group practice for example, and Family Practitioner in which the policy holder must first consult their family doctor who then decides whether to call on a specialist or not. Emergencies are the exception.
When combined with an elective deduction, the rebates may not be applied in their totality.

Students' Insurance

Acclaimed by our school partners, our insurance offering perfectly meets the needs of foreign students in Switzerland as well as Swiss students.

Death and Disability Insurance

If you have responsibilities within your family or as a business owner, you must think about your financial coverage in case of death or disability. No matter what uncertainties life holds, including the most dramatic, it is essential to take the necessary measures to maintain your family's standard of living.

Legal Protection: are you covered in case of litigation?

Having recourse to the courts is becoming more and more frequent. It is therefore useful to be able to call upon the assistance of legal professionals, using a service that is accessible, simple and efficient. And under no matter what circumstances (Internet purchases, a dispute with a craftsman, problems with neighbours, etc.).

Unemployment Insurance

Should you find yourself unemployed, your financial situation could quickly suffer and place you and your family in a difficult situation. Thanks to a supplementary unemployment insurance, you can limit your loss of income, whether you are a Swiss resident or a cross-border worker. Our counsellors can help you to find the best solution, while limiting the insurance premiums.

Insurance for cross-border workers

Thanks to our exclusive offer Fronta+, we can provide support to cross-border workers residing in France and who have chosen the French regime.
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