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Save for your retirement by subscribing to a Pillar 3 

The framework of the Swiss social system made up of 3 pillars, and you can constitute a flexible individual complement to your mandatory pension fund. This solution, which is optional, reinforces your financial security for both yourself and your family, providing benefits for retirement, disability or death.
Whether you choose a Pillar 3a (your capital is tied up for a fixed term determined in advance) or a Pillar 3b (your capital remains available at all times), you can take advantage of a tax exemption.
Our experts are at your service to advise you and direct you towards the best solution for your needs.

Pension or capital : a choice and consequences over the long term

At a time of negative interest rates and reduction of pensions being forecast, the question of a choice between taking capital or a pension arises more than ever. 
Our experts can help you decide which is the best solution for you, taking into consideration your personal situation and the following aspects: guaranteed income, taxes, succession, etc.

A retirement pension to be able to enjoy your retirement

A lower standard of living is often observed at retirement age, despite the Pillar 1 and 2 benefits. By choosing a retirement pension, you will have a complementary income, either as a lifetime annuity, or over a specific period. With flexible structuring possibilities, this solution also allows you to protect your partner thanks to a joint pension which will continue for as long as one of the persons insured is alive.
Find out if this formula is appropriate for your situation with our experts.

The assessment of individual pension provisions

A pension provision is also to allow you to count on replacement income should an unexpected event occur. Our pension provision system plans for several levels of protection which are particularly complex. In effect, we are insured differently for disability arising from illness, rather than from an accident. This is difficult to understand without an assessment of individual pension provisions
The assessment of individual pension provisions can establish the exact state of your personal situation and thus provide a global vision of retirement, disability and death benefits.
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