Develop your professional activity calmly

The evolution of the markets and practices, the ever more complex regulations and the appearance of new technology mean that your business suffers from increased threats. Depending on your activity and its environment, our risk management experts can analyse your situation and guide you towards the appropriate insurance coverage. This will give you the peace of mind and freedom to concentrate on the development of your business.

Implementation of insurance solutions

The first step towards optimum protection is the identification of your risks. Our teams will then offer to implement adequate insurance solutions that can reduce your company's exposure or prevent any risk of your activity ceasing.

We can provide you with coverage for the following risks:
D&O: Directors' & Officers' Liability
Operating in an environment of increased control by the regulatory authorities, Swiss directors are more and more exposed to the risks linked to technological challenges, data protection and climate. Liability of Directors' and Officers' Insurance protects the private assets of the members of the Directorate and the Board of Governors by covering any potential indemnities to be paid and the costs of litigation. 
Fraud is a more important and expensive menace than ever; it is essential to evaluate your readiness, to deploy effective countermeasures and to act rapidly once it is discovered. Our experts can help you to identify, classify and treat all your risks in order to insure them at the best terms. 

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Professional Civil Liability
Professional Civil Liability is certainly the most important insurance for companies active in the field of counselling: banks, fiduciaries, law firms, etc. For certain professions it is required by law. Professional Civil Liability protects your company from any financial claims by third parties who have suffered strictly pecuniary damage following erroneous advice from you. 
We also provide: 
Kidnap & Ransom
While travelling abroad for business, your employees may become victims of kidnapping, ransom demands or menaces. A Kidnap & Ransom Insurance effectively protects your employees and their family against these more and more frequent risks. 
The Cyber Insurance provides companies with guarantees for data reconstruction, operational losses and civil liability in the event of violation of data protection. It provides a certain serenity when a cyber-attack occurs, thanks to 24/24 and 7/7 support from IT, security and legal experts.
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Is your company entering the stock market? Specific coverage exists to protect directors who face heavy responsibilities and risks of claims at this particularly complex and regulated stage of a company's evolution. 

Contract and claims management 

Because the choice of coverage is not sufficient; our experts will provide you with support on a daily basis to manage your contracts and the various claims which could arise throughout your professional activities. Our claims management includes two services:
Mediation & Advocacy
A dispute with your insurer? We will provide you with support to make sure your voice is heard and to defend your interests.

Your advantages

Expertise, independence and proximity
Specialised in financial risks and emerging risks, our team can advise you with complete independence, provide you with support in the implementation of insurance solutions for your company and in managing any claims.
Does your risk require an ultra-specific insurance? When the Swiss insurance market reaches its limits, we can help you to find solutions abroad, and particularly with Lloyd's for whom we are the first broker in Switzerland. Thanks to our network of partners, we also capable of building tailor-made coverage that will best match your needs.  
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