Our commitment: the protection of your assets

No matter what the size or the line of business of your company, it may be led to confront unexpected events: floods, fire, theft, civil liability claims, legal proceedings, etc.
To avoid serious financial consequences and to avoid jeopardising your business, it is necessary to insure the global assets of your company using two types of guarantee: Object Insurance and Asset Insurance.
From the analysis of your particular needs to the management of your claims, taking into account the negotiation and implementation of your Objects and Assets insurance policies, we are always there for you. With good coverage, you will be able to limit financial losses for your company in the event of a disaster, and rapidly resume your activities and thus retain your clients’ confidence.
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Object insurance

Object insurance covers four main risks: fire, water damage, theft and broken glass. Other risks can be covered by special insurance depending on the nature or use of your goods. Following the analysis of the specific risks you may encounter; we will help you to negotiate and implement the appropriate Object Insurance coverage to protect your property both in Switzerland and abroad.
Movable Property
You should adequately insure all your company’s movable property, especially your means of production and your IT infrastructure.
Real Estate
Your level of guarantees and services should be tailored to your needs and enable a rapid recovery from a major disaster.
Limit your risks during the transport of your merchandise by taking out appropriate coverage and favouring rapid and full compensation.

No matter what your needs are in construction (renovation, construction of a new building, etc.), we can provide you with support to secure your project.

Along with our partners, we can provide you with support over the entire risk chain in order to secure and develop your international exchanges.

Asset Insurance

Asset insurance protects your company’s assets. It guarantees the reimbursement of any financial losses incurred following an insured event. However, while multiple situations can lead to a reduction of a company’s assets, few are insured. There are three main types of insurance:
Corporate civil liability
Corporate civil liability covers you for damages caused to a third party due to your infrastructure (premises, installations), your activities or your products and services. You will thus be protected from the possibly very high financial consequences of this type of incident.
Legal insurance

Legal insurance is designed to protect your company in the event of a legal dispute. In general, it provides two particularly useful services: legal assistance in Switzerland and abroad and the payment of legal costs which can be very expensive.

Operating Loss

In the event of a disaster, you means of production may be temporarily out of service leading to a loss of income. This coverage is particularly useful to entrepreneurs and will allow them to avoid any cash flow worries.

Monitoring claims

Because the choice of coverage is not sufficient; our experts will provide you with support on a daily basis to manage your contracts and the various claims which could arise throughout your professional activities. In case of a dispute with an insurer, we will help you to make your voice heard and defend your interests. Far from the image of a “compensation provider”, we see ourselves as a real partner by your side, to help you to overcome difficulties or, even better, to avoid them. In practical terms, our organisation is based on providing you with a dedicated counsellor who is responsible for establishing a long-term relationship based on trust.

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