Protect yourself from accidents that can occur in your life and calmly prepare for unexpected events!

Health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland.
There are several solutions depending on your personal situation. What are your options, and how can you optimise your cover?
To protect you and better meet your needs, our private consultants guide you in your decision-making and help clarify sensible benefits.
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    Border insurance

    With our exclusive offer Fronta+, Swiss Risk & Care assists border residents in France who have opted for the French scheme. We negotiate advantageous terms with our partners for maximum performance at competitive prices.
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    International insurance

    If you are an expatriate, our experts are able to offer international cover solutions tailored to your destination country.
If you take on a responsibility in your family, or as an entrepreneur, you have to worry about your financial cover in the event of death or disability.
Whatever life’s uncertainties, including the most tragic, it is essential to take appropriate steps to maintain the standard of living for your family in all circumstances.
In the event of disability or premature death, your spouse must be able to bear everyday expenses and your children must continue with their same schooling and activities.

The use of the justice system is increasingly common in everyday life. Defending your rights is becoming a priority. Often, you may perhaps think you are already covered in cases of litigation but unfortunately this is not the case. Nevertheless, it is useful to have the assistance of legal professionals with accessible, simple and effective service. And to apply this service under various situations, whether more or less serious (online purchases, disputes with a craftsman, neighbour problems, etc.).

In the event of unemployment, your financial situation can quickly deteriorate and put you, and your family, in a difficult situation.
With complementary unemployment insurance, whether for Swiss or border residents, you can limit your loss of income.
Swiss Risk & Care advisers help you prevent the inconvenience of such a situation as much as possible, while helping keep insurance premiums down.
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