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Individual Social Benefits report
As part of the 3-pillar Swiss social system, everyone has the opportunity to build up a flexible and individual addition to mandatory pension insurance.
This optional solution helps strengthen the financial security of every person and his/her family, in the event of retirement, disability or death.
Whether having to do with Pillar 3a (your capital is tied for a firm period established in advance) or Pillar 3b (your capital remains available at all times), you can benefit from tax incentives.
Our experts are available to advise you and guide you toward bank-based or insurance solutions, based on your project.
Once you reach retirement age, you will almost certainly be faced with a decrease in your standard of living with the payment Pillars 1 and 2 benefits.
By choosing a retirement pension, you have access to additional income, whether on a lifetime basis or over a specified period. With flexible design possibilities, this solution also helps protect your partner through a joint pension, paid as long as one of the insured persons is alive.
Find out with help from our experts when this formula is most appropriate to your situation.

The occupational pension benefits means also to count on replacement income when faced with a life challenge.

Our occupational benefits system includes several protective layers that are not easy to understand. We are indeed insured differently in the case of disability due to a sickness or an accident and it is difficult to realise this without an individual social benefits report.
Our service for individual social benefits allows to set-up your personal situation and thus to have a global vision of retirement benefits as well as disability and death benefits.
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