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Businesses, all you need to know about insurance

The purpose of insurance is to protect businesses, people or property that could be damaged. Any company, in the course of its activity, will generate risks for its employees, its business partners, its clients, or even people completely outside the company.

The basic principle of insurance has remained the same over time: to allow a group of insured to pool their risks in order to be compensated in the event of a major accidental event. The role of the insurer therefore consists of collecting premiums from its policyholders and paying them back in the form of compensation to those who have suffered a loss.

Insuring against emerging risks

In a world where risks are increasing, protecting your employees, your assets and your activity is paramount. Insurance obligations therefore go beyond what is required by law (social insurance, property and assets, etc.).

On the one hand, companies are forced to improve their coverage to meet the risks related to their professional sector, the obligations imposed by their Board of Directors or their partners. On the other hand, they must anticipate new risks (cyber-attacks, Fake President fraud, etc.) which are becoming increasingly expensive.

To meet this need, the private insurance market is constantly evolving to adapt to the economic, social and regulatory environment. For example, cyber insurance was created to cover damages related to network intrusion, data theft or blocking.


Advantages and challenges of non-compulsory insurance

While most companies have a fairly clear vision of legally compulsory insurance, they are unfamiliar with those that are required by the business environment in which they operate. For the management of their human resources, for their image as well as for their commercial and financial performance, it is nevertheless essential for them to "work" on their insurance portfolio.

First of all, they need to know and understand their risks well, and how to prevent them in order to identify the necessary cover. It is then necessary to receive more than one quote from insurers to optimise your portfolio. Ultimately, the challenge is not to accumulate cover, but to manage your insurance portfolio to make it a real performance lever. This is where a broker can help you and turn that constraint into an opportunity.

In a nutshell:

Insurance in Switzerland and abroad:
  • A legal, contractual and professional/structural obligation
  • But also a social benefit to be considered in the company's HR policy
Steer/Manage your insurance portfolio in order to:
  • Sustain your business
  • Control your budget
  • Optimise financial and human resources
The insurance broker, your trusted partner
  • Independence
  • Advice
  • Methodology

And remember: Prevention is (always) better than cure… and therefore anticipate the risk!