An Overview of Disability Insurance Reform

Preventing invalidity and strengthening rehabilitation: these are the objectives pursued by the reform aimed at the "strengthening of disability insurance". The main target of this revision is to improve the monitoring of children, young people and people affected by mental health issues.  

Introduction of a proportional system for benefits

Beneficiaries with a disability rate between 40 and 69% are going to receive benefits based on a proportional principle (linear system), in place of the current 4-level system. Benefits will still paid in full from an invalidity degree of 70%. The aim is to encourage invalidity insurance recipients to remain employed as long as possible.

Refund of expenses for rare diseases

The list of congenital disabilities is being updated as well as that for drugs covered by disability insurance. Conditions which can be easily treated are covered by health insurance, while new, rare diseases are covered by disability insurance.  

More transparency with respect to expert reports

Both the insurer and the insured will have to agree on the appointment of an officer and meetings are going to be recorded. 

Improved support 

Disability insurance intends to increase its support to children affected by congenital disabilities and their families. Young people, as well as people affected by mental health issues, will receive more help in order to encourage their professional (re)integration.

Improving the collaboration between disability insurance, doctors and employers 

In particular by supporting the people concerned in their professional rehabilitation.
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