Digital HR services:

everyone wins


With the digitalisation of tools and processes, the arrival of generations Y and Z in the labour market and companies refocusing their strategies on employees, human resources departments must adapt to societal changes. Focus on the digitalisation of HR services.


With people becoming ever more connected and mobile, we expect the same from the professional world, although it is often lagging behind. It is our personal customs and habits that force companies to open up to new technologies and sometimes to change the ways in which they work. The process of digitalisation is now underway.


While digital transformation obviously affects all the departments of a company, HR is often affected the most. These days, HR managers are facing real challenges: to redefine their purpose and demonstrate their worth in a changing economic, technological and societal environment. They must choose their core business and outsource that which can be outsourced.

The advantages of digitalisation

Despite the presence of cultural, organizational, and sometimes legal obstacles, digitalisation is perceived by the HR sector as a real opportunity. It allows the positioning of the HR manager within a company to change: from  an administrative expert, they can become involved in the development strategy of the company. How? By placing employees at the centre of HR projects and retaining them by improving the employee’s experience. An improvement now made possible by digitalisation.


Setting up your holidays with your smartphone, submitting expenses via an app, working from home or on the move: everyday life is made easier by digitalisation. This is required to meet employees’ new expectations regarding flexibility and mobility. HR and Corporate Managers are all about winning: loyal, motivated and productive employees and a strong employer brand to help recruit new talent.


The digital revolution in the field of HR has translated into the provision of new tools, new softwares and new platforms to better manage administrative procedures.


Adapting to corporate cultures and requirements, their benefits are numerous:

  • Time savings
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reliability through process automation
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved assessment metrics
  • Rationalisation of decisions
  • Traceability and management of more data over several years
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Decentralisation between managers and employees

    The figures

    95 %
    of HR professionals belive digitalisation is an opportunity for their profession
    100 %
    of payroll management can be digitalised
    30 %
    savings through digital payslips
    For over 10 years, digitalisation has been at the heart of our business. To make the lives of our clients even easier, we are surpassing our role as brokers to take the services offered by HR departments to new levels.

    By outsourcing certain administrative tasks, they devote themselves to value-added missions such as talent recruitment, while being assured of professional work based on our expertise and specialization. We rely on state-of-the-art software to increase efficiency.




    Our Digitalised HR Services :


    Unipro is our in-house software for managing planned and unplanned absences

    As a simple and effective tool, Unipro automates and facilitates a large number of administrative tasks. Interfacing with your HR tools and with insurers, our software enables us to manage, monitor and track absences and claims while providing detailed reporting levels for both HR departments and individual employees:
    • Summary of absences and remaining holidays
    • Ability to manage and view overtime
    • Access to global attendance schedules for your department
    Depending on the desired degree of independence and confidentiality, the management of absences and claims can be fully or partially handled by our Caredesk using the Unipro system.
    The Unipro platform also manages salaries and certain administrative HR services (AVS, AC, APG, family allowances, etc.). Focus on the Payroll Caredesk and its manager, Séverine Bovagne on page 4.

    Abs & Claims mobile app, the ideal addition to the Unipro software

    Ergonomic and always within reach, our App offers employees greater freedom and flexibility in announcing and monitoring their absences, in particular for sending medical certificates.

    Individual Benefit Statement, the HR communications tool

    For nearly 30 years we have been offering each of your employees summary overviews of their social benefits.
    Now digitalised for more dynamic and user-friendly use, the Individual Benefit Statement (Bilan Social Individuel, BSI) not only enhances your social assets, increases your attractiveness and helps retain your employees, it also provides information for your employees on complex issues.

    Payroll mangement, one example of a fully digitalised service

    Meeting with Séverine Bovagne, who talks about this fully digitalised service within the global offering of Swiss Risk & Care.

    What is payroll management?

    We fully manage the salaries of our clients’ employees using industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, with the ability to interface with their tools. In short, we capture all information required to pay salaries, to manage changes related to staff movements and to make employee payroll and salary certificates available on a secure portal. We also publish bank records, accounting journals and other reports required by HR and Financial Services.

    What are the benefits for businesses?

    With our in-depth knowledge of the law and corporate practices, we not only bring added
    value through our specialisation, we also offer considerable time savings to HR managers through the outsourcing of payroll management. Of course, this service is entirely digitalised. All information is exchanged using secure web platforms and made available via the ERP. This optimises day-to-day collaboration efforts.

    How far is the digitalisation of wage management going?

    More and more administrations are recommending, or even requiring employers to upload data via their own portals or global electronic communications tools. Swissdec is one of the tools used to simplify and secure exchanges between employers and administrations. Our certified software allows us to upload data on Swissdec. Our work is now far simpler and more secure. No more lists sent by post!

    Our expert

    Séverine Bovagne

    Séverine Bovagne

    With over 15 years experience in wage management, Séverine Bovagne is responsible for Payroll & HR Administration Services Caredesk at Swiss Risk & Care.