Article published in Insurance Inside No. 15. - September 2019

Foreign workers: Improving hosting and loyalty

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Hosting workers from abroad contributes to their integration within the company and strengthens their loyalty. Overview of our support solutions.

As one of the most successful economies in the world, Switzerland is internationally recognized in the fields of education, research and innovation, as well as in the services and industry sectors. Benefiting, in addition, from a very stable political system, its labour market is highly attractive to foreign workers. Recruited by Swiss companies whose specialized labour needs are increasing, many are coming to live and/or work in Switzerland.

Leaving their comfort zones, newcomers to the Swiss labour market find themselves in a society they are not familiar with, and whose legislation and organization of work, health, education, social security and housing, etc. differ from those in their country of origin. Thus a lot of information must be known and understood for integration to be successful.

Employers have a key role to play

As complex and constantly changing fields, insurance and pensions are sources of many questions for foreign workers. They need an overview, but also a personal support in view of finding the right approach to their situations.
Depending on their origin and their status - resident, cross-border worker, seconded worker, impatriate - or their country of residence if they are cross-border workers, the insurance and pension options change. Each case must therefore be studied in advance in order to provide complete and relevant information. New employees naturally turn to their employers. As sources of information and first points of contact, HR departments play a crucial role in the integration process.

At the service of HR...

Aware of the indispensable but time-consuming nature of this task, Swiss Risk & Care offers its client companies a range of additional services for their employees at no extra charge. The goal is to provide assistance and guidance alongside their HR departments.
The Swiss social system, with its 3 pillars and health insurance, is explained and decrypted in simple terms. Thanks to knowledge of the employer’s insurance contracts, the focus is drawn to social benefits put in place for employees. They can compare them to those offered to them under Swiss standards. This type of communication is particularly effective for employee retention.
Depending on needs, we can provide the following services:
  • A general presentation given at the company’s welcome days: Swiss social system, disability/ death/retirement benefits, social benefits, health insurance...
  • Regular visits to the company’s premises to provide ongoing customer care for employees.
  • Production of various information brochures especially for employees.

… and employees

“On the recommendation of HR, we can also extend our support to issues relating to private pensions and general insurance”, explains Joël Théodoloz, Private Clients Director at Swiss Risk & Care. A personalized interview is offered to newcomers and their family members by phone or at home. “Our consultants then analyse their situation and offer them solutions adapted to their needs, and also to their legal requirements”.
When well informed and in full compliance with the law, foreign workers can devote themselves entirely to their new lives in Switzerland, and to the company that has given them such a warm welcome.
27% of workers are foreign nationals (i.e. 1,350,000 workers)

1 worker in 10 in Switzerland is a national of the EU

55% of cross-border workers are French

70'000 immigrants come in to Switzerland each year on average (4th largest immigrant population in Europe)

Information and support for employees: Services which benefit everyone. Explanation by Stéphane Buff.

What services have you implementedand who are they aimed at?

We offer our client companies to assist them in their duty to inform their employees about insurance and pension plans. We will provide information sessions, regular visits to the company and explanatory brochuresdependingonthestatusofeachemployeeandtheirsituation: arrival, choice of health insurance / inclusion in the collective contract, departure. The documentation is produced according to the demands and needs of the company and without additional costs. Individual interviews can also be organized to assist employees in their choice of insurance and private pension.

Why use Swiss Risk & Care to inform your employees?

As a broker, we have a comprehensive view. As well as being knowled- geable about the Swiss social security system, we manage the com- pany’sinsurance portfolio. Wecantherefore approach both general and specificaspects highlightingtheparticularitiesoftheemployer. Wealso monitor the continuous evolution of the legislation and can therefore guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. This guarantee of quality associated with the various services provided increase the com- pany’s sympathy capital and contribute to employee loyalty. Entrusting this task to us ultimately allows HR to focus on high value-added tasks such as finding new talent and training.

What are the benefits for employees?

In addition to gaining a better understanding of a complicated field, they benefit from a special focus on the benefits offered by their employer. They can therefore compare their situations with the practices used in their sectors of activity. If they opt for personalized support, we find the solutions best adapted to their needs, and at advantageous prices. Insurance, pensions, tax and wealth optimization: Swiss Risk & Care is the single point of entry.
Swiss Risk & Care - Stéphane Buff
Active for almost 10 years in the field of health insurance, Stéphane Buff is Director of Individual Solutions for Medical Expenses (FMSI) at Swiss Risk & Care.