Swiss Risk & Care offers you customisable solutions to simplify your HR tasks.

Our solutions

Management of salaries and HR administratives services

Employee absences and claims management

Technical, administrative and financial management of occupational pension contracts for employees

Value HR strategy

Manage absenteeism

Discover our Caredesks on behalf of HR departments and their employees.

These multilingual CareDesks bring flexibility and responsiveness on behalf of HR departments. They free them of heavy administrative tasks.
Our advisers, who are integrated into business processes, are constantly interacting with employees and HR managers to ensure fluidity in the exchange of information.


Management of your employees’ absences and claims from A to Z.

Medical Expenses

Management of the collective insurance policies designed and set up especially for you, whatever the specifics: Swiss residents, border residents, inpatriates and expatriates.

Payroll & HR Administrative Services

Customisable solutions to manage payroll and other HR administrative tasks.


Technical, administrative and financial management of occupational pension contracts for employees.

Our 3 steps methodology to enhance your internal HR strategy

Our methodology



Validating the HR strategy with the BSE

Detailed analysis of your situation and setting your objectives in terms of services, the BSE - Corporate Benefit Statement - identifies what improvements actions to take and how to reduce cases of under-insurance or over-insurance. This work enables you to optimise your social spending over the long term.

Communicate with employees through the BSI

Digitalised tool that is fully customised to each employee’s circumstances and the business’ conditions (LAA, LPP, etc.), the BSI - Individual Benefit Statement - allows the benefits to be quickly provided in cases of death, disability, or retirement. This tool also highlights employee/employer contributions, in comparison to legal minimums.

Assisting employees

How many of us can really claim to understand the inner workings of the Swiss social system? Given the complexity of the 3-pillar model, and the peculiarities created by the individual circumstances and needs of each company, employees often feel lost, and ask their HR Department to assist in their efforts. Or worse, they may not be aware of certain information.
To avoid these scenarios and lighten the load for HR departments, Swiss Risk & Care provides employees with a fully customised company document library. Our guides cover various and varied topics, including:
  • Guide for new company arrivals
  • Company setup guide
  • Choosing your health cover

5 points action plan to help you manage absenteeism in your company




Preventing absences

  • Plan a company wellness charter
  • Fight against stress and overworking
  • Coach leaders on management
  • Identify and prevent the risk of occupational stress

Administer the case

  • Our Caredesk teams
  • Managing changes
  • IT solutions
  • Mobile app

Controlling absenteeism

Discover our PREVENTIO solution, or how to put your absent employees at the centre of the game and encourage their return to work.

Transferring the risk

If the essence of our role as broker is to bring you the insurance programme that best suits your needs, the fact remains that there are several options. We can shed new light on an often static situation, which is far from optimal in terms of costs.

Support the employee’s return to work

  • Set up an arrangement that favours your employee’s effective return to work.
  • Maintain a connection with the absent employees
  • Define the key steps with them for their gradual return to the company

A simple and efficient tool for managing absences of your employees 

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Isabelle Monnier - Swiss Risk & Care
Isabelle Monnier
Head of Absences Caredesk
Colette Kalin
Head of Medical Expenses Caredesk
Séverine Bovagne
Séverine Bovagne
Head of Absences, Payroll & HR Administrative Services CareDesks
Daniel Baumgartner - Swiss Risk & Care
Daniel Baumgartner
Occupational Pension Benefits Team Leader
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