The Private CareDesk: insurance and pension provision advisors at your disposal

Our task force dedicated to our clients, the Private CareDesk offers you a personalised advice and management of your insurance and pension provision policies. To guarantee you a high value-added service and to establish a relationship of trust based on listening and proximity, we have set up:
  • Multilingual team (French, English and German)
  • Our caredesk is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm
Contact our Private CareDesk:
058 178 85 99 

Our insurance and pension provision management services

  • Administrative management of your contracts
  • Managing disputes with insurance companies
  • Personalised processing of your contracts to meet your needs
  • Fiscal and patrimonial consultation (Pension fund, etc.)

Benefits for individuals

  • Only one entry point for private insurance contracts
  • Personal meeting with insured (home based, office, etc.)
    • Strong expertise in retirement optimization
    • Tariff advantage in all fields of insurance and occupational benefit
    • Speciality in Fine Art
    Our associated services