Finance your growth

Do you need cash quickly to launch your independent activity, to purchase material or to finance other expenses linked to your business? Swiss Risk & Care can help you to find the financing solution that meets your needs and can negotiate the best conditions for you with our network of partners.
Our financing solutions are designed for independents, those who are self-employed and members of the liberal professions.

Facilitate a bank loan

Those who are independent or active in liberal professions often have difficulty obtaining financing from banking institutions. Why? They lack the necessary securities, such as a monthly income or a permanent employment contract. Even if a loan is granted, they require the payment of high interest rates. We are aware of this problem and of the time-consuming aspect of seeking a loan. Our team can guide you, depending on your needs, to the ideal banking partner offering the best rates.

Your advantages

  • Access to a banking network specialised in loans to independents and liberal professions
  • Obtain a loan quickly and easily at the best conditions
  • A Swiss Risk & Care counsellor at your service to enable you to concentrate on the development of your activity
Our associated services

Guarantee my income

Guarantee my income

As an independent, have you thought about hedging yourself against the hazards of life? We are here to guarantee your income throughout your working life and to plan financially for your retirement.
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Our news

Facing new risks


In the face of new risks that are not covered or only partially covered by traditional insurance policies, such as movable assets and civil liability insurance, insurers are making several polices available collectively to companies.
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Taking stock of our attitude to work


Employees’ attitude to work has undergone deep transformation over the last decade. This evolution was therefore already in place well before the health crisis and it is forcing those working in Human Resources to adapt to the new paradigm.
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