Coverage adapted to your profession

As an independent, you have specific needs in regard to insurance. Your coverage must be adapted to your professional activity. While some insurances are optional, others are compulsory. Depending on your area of activity, you will thus have a legal obligation to insure against risks involving your professional or medical liability. With the help of our network of partners, we can direct you to the best solutions in terms of benefits and costs.
These solutions are destined to those who practice a liberal profession: lawyers, doctors, therapists or other paramedical professionals, fiduciaries, asset managers, etc.

Our insurance services

Our knowledge of the market, and also of the specific requirements of your profession, allow us to select the best insurance products specifically designed for your profession and to offer them to you on preferential terms.
Professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance is compulsory for professions carrying an increased risk of causing strictly monetary damages. This includes, for example, counselling professions such as lawyers and tax advisors, as well as architects and engineers. Professional liability insurance protects you against the financial consequences of damage claims and defends you from unjustified claims. Through our network of specialised partners, we will find you the solution best adapted to your profession.
Corporate liability insurance
As all professional activities are liable to cause material or personal injuries to someone some day, corporate liability insurance is highly recommended for independents, in addition to professional liability insurance. Corporate liability insurance covers you in the case of damages caused to a third party by your infrastructure (premises, installations), your activity or your products or services. This coverage will protect you from the financial consequences, which are sometimes very high, for this type of incident.
Commercial or property insurance
So that your activity is not shut down in the case of an unforeseen event, a commercial or property insurance is strongly recommended. The equivalent to household insurance for individuals, commercial insurance covers all your movable goods, medical equipment, IT equipment, etc., against fire, natural events, theft, water damage, earthquakes, damage and operating loss.
Professional legal insurance
It is sometimes difficult to know all the laws and to follow their constant evolution. A dispute may arise and, in the end, lead to heavy financial consequences. Professional legal insurance is the best way to guard against these setbacks while having the support of legal professionals.
Cyber insurance
The greatly increased use of interconnected IT devices has also increased the risk of cybercrime and, for you, the loss or disclosure of your clients/patients’ confidential data. With a cyber insurance, you are protected from the multiple expenses linked to damage analysis, data recovery or the payment of indemnities.

Your advantages

  • Products dedicated to your profession
  • Guarantees linked to your activity
  • Attractive rates
  • Advice from experts who are well aware of the specifics of your business
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