Insure my property in Switzerland or abroad

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  • Household
  • civil liability
  • Repatriation
  • Travel
  • Works of art and objects of value

Insure my home and my goods

While it is optional, household insurance is recommended in order to avoid considerable financial repercussions in case of fire, water damage or theft. Vaud, Friburg, Jura, Glaris and Nidwald are the only cantons that have mandatory insurance against fire and natural damages.
Household insurance covers damages caused to the inventory. This includes the furniture, electronic domestic appliances (television, computer, etc.) clothing, jewellery and other personal possessions.
The inventory is usually insured at its value as new; meaning the price of a new product with the same value. Compensation extends up to the amount defined contractually with the insurer and established in function of the total approximative value of the inventory.
A franchise, often between CHF 200 and CHF 500, is at the expense of the person insured and will be deducted from the total amount of damages.
At every household move, it is important to adapt the amount of the insurance to avoid being under insured or over insured. Our experts are at your disposal to estimate the value of your goods and to help you find the least expensive household insurance.

Private civil liability insurance

Your civil liability is engaged when you cause damage to someone else, whether voluntarily or not. You therefore have the obligation to repair the damage, which can prove very costly.
By choosing to subscribe to a private civil liability insurance, you are covered for the damages you may cause to others.
While it is not compulsory, civil liability insurance is strongly recommended. An attestation of insurance is sometimes required. This is the case when renting an apartment, to ensure that any damages to the property are covered.
Civil liability insurance is called upon in the following cases:
  • Personal and material damages
  • Damage prevention costs
  • Patrimonial damages arising from personal or material damages
  • Defence against unjustified claims
Our specialists can advise you on other options that can be added to your contract depending on your needs.
Most often, household goods and civil liability coverage are grouped in the form of a combined insurance.

Insure my vehicles

It is compulsory to insure your vehicles in order to reimburse any damage you may cause to others.
For your car, bicycle or boat, we can guide you through the choice of the various insurance plans and explain the benefits in the event of damage.

Do not wait for an accident to happen to learn about the benefits of your comprehensive and civil liability insurance contracts.

Insure my travel

Whether you travel a lot or only occasionally, we can offer you travel assistance coverage that is adapted to your situation. Over and above the cost, our experts can help you to select the best services to make sure you obtain immediate care, no matter where you are.

Repatriation assistance

Whether it is for travel, vacation or leisure: you and your family want to receive fast and reliable help in an emergency whether it happens in Switzerland or abroad. We can guide you in the choice of medical assistance for a case of urgent hospitalisation abroad, repatriation, help and search costs or legal protection abroad.

Travel insurance

Learn about our solutions for insuring your expenses for reorganising your travel (cancellation, delays or prolongation), from the loss of your luggage to means of payment. Our teams can also direct you to services for travel preparation (medical recommendations, etc.) and how to take advantage of a hotline for all your unforeseen situations.

Insure my valuables

Works of art and objects of value make up an emotional and financial heritage whose management requires special attention.
Our Fine Art solution combines the savoir-faire of art specialists and that of insurance professionals to offer you a personalised service.
Whether you are a private collector, an institutional collector, museum or other art professional, our services can provide you with the coverage best adapted to your requirements and in complete confidentiality.
We can provide you with support in all your protective procedures for your works of art, from the inventory of your collection, through advice on the conservation of your objects to the management of claims.
Our knowledge of the market and insurers allows us to offer you tailor-made insurance coverage that meets your requirements for conservation, exhibition or transport.
Objects insured
We provide support for you in the protection of all your valuable objects: works of art, jewellery, watches, antiquarian books, wines, musical instruments, etc.
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