Unipro, for easier absence management

Unipro, our in-house software, specifically developed to meet the needs and expectations of client companies, allows us to manage illness and accident absences for all your staff. Its parameters and management procedures will be defined together according to your HR policy and insurance coverage.
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The management of absences digitalised thanks to Unipro

Interfaced with your HR tools and insurers, Unipro automates and facilitates a significant number of administrative tasks while providing HR indicators and a detailed level of reporting

Unipro allows HR departments and your employees to manage planned and unplanned absences.


Unipro’s features

When interfaced with your HR tools and with insurances, Unipro makes a large number of administrative tasks automatic and simple while providing HR indicators and a detailed level of reporting. The management module includes the following functions:

  • Entry of absences (accident & illness) and management of medical certificates from the first day of absence
  • Help in establishing and transmitting accident and loss of earnings due to illness declarations to insurance companies
  • Monitoring to ensure the smooth processing of each case until they are resolved
  • AI coordination on request
  • On-line access to policy holders’ information
  • Accidents declared automatically to your insurance companies
  • Configuration of alerts and automatic notification of the HR team in the event of impact on salaries
  • Management of disputes with insurance companies
  • Automation of communications with our Care Desk Absences

Unipro and its task force

Unipro is the central tool for our Care Desk Absences allowing them to accompany your HR service and staff on a daily basis to follow up on absences. A real hotline at your disposal, the Care Desk Absences is made up of multilingual experts based in Switzerland.

Abs & Claims, the mobile app

We provide your employees with a mobile app that allows them to transmit their medical certificates easily and with complete security.
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