The Individual Social Report: adding value to the company’s social advantages

The Individual Social Report, or ISR, is a clear, concise and summarized document showing the remuneration, pension provisions and the benefits of each employee in your company. The detailed analysis of each employee’s social coverage highlights the company’s contributions and thus builds employee loyalty. The ISR makes it possible for each employee to follow the annual evolution of their pension provisions and to optimise them if necessary thanks to the advice of our experts.
In general, the ISR is offered to companies with approximately thirty employees.

The components that make up the ISR

As a digital tool, the ISR provides a dynamic and convivial vision, in just a few clicks, of all the social benefits for each employee of your company. Showing a broader picture than a pension benefits certificate, the ISR coordinates data from all the social insurances. Available in French and English versions, the ISR contains the following information:
  • Personal data
  • Contributions to social insurances (split between employer/employee)
  • Pillar 2 assets (acquired savings and projected savings at reaching the regulatory age )
  • Retirement benefits (Pillars 1 and 2)
  • Disability benefits (coordination of Pillars 1 and 2)
  • Death benefits (coordination of Pillars 1 and 2)
  • Amount available for home ownership and/or amount already used for home ownership
  • The maximum amount of repurchase possible and repurchases already made
  • Other benefits (optional)

The advantages of the Individual Social Report

For the employer
The ISR is a real HR communications tool. It promotes your company’s social benefits. Because, as the coverage of the risks associated with old age, disability and death for staff become ever more expensive, your efforts as an employer to go above and beyond the legal minimum are noteworthy.
Another advantage: building loyalty with your employees. Better communication regarding the benefits set up to protect them and their family, provides a unique competitive advantage. It reinforces the attractivity of your company.
For the employees
The ISR makes all the pension benefits and social insurance data accessible to all. These complex domains are translated into comprehensible terms using concise tables and illustrated graphics, thus allowing your employees to not only become aware of their coverage, but above all to optimise them if necessary. They then become actors in their own provisions for the future. The ISR is also a pension provision, financial and tax planning counselling service, that answers your employees’ questions and provides guidance.
Example of the Individual Social Report
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