Our management services for your human resources

Through our dedicated CareDesk, we can manage all your payroll and HR administrative tasks.

Our priority: to build a relationship of trust with your staff and provide you with a high-quality HR outsourcing service. Relieved of these time-consuming management tasks, your HR teams will be able to devote themselves to their core role.

Our services are destinated to companies, large MBEs and multinationals with subsidiaries in Switzerland, no matter what their line of business.

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Complete management of your payroll

Our CareDesk takes complete charge of your payroll, providing you with the following services:

  • Entry of all the data necessary to pay your employees' salaries
  • Management of all changes: employee movements, evolution of salaries, legal modifications
  • Monthly transmission of personal salary slips to your employees according to your needs (remaining vacation, logo, etc.) through an Internet portal
  • Edition of DTA files and other bank listings. If necessary, transmission of documents on your eBanking portal
  • Preparation of accounting journals and transmission through an automatic interface with your accounting department
  • Production of salary certificates and receipt statements for your employees at the end of the year or when an employee leaves
  • Edition of monthly and annual accounting for government agencies in conformity with Swissdec standards
  • Information on legal changes for HR services and employees
  • Support for an AVS or financial audit
  • Formalisation of controls defined by the internal control system (audit ISAE 3402 type II)

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Management of your HR administrative services

Our CareDesk completely takes charge of the management of the administration of your personnel providing you with the following services:


  • Management of workflow with the compensation office
  • Preparation of monthly statements
  • Review of monthly invoices
  • Sending AVS cards to the relevant compensation offices and to employees
  • Creation and sending of requests for new AVS cards

Loss of earnings insurance APG

  • Establishing requests for loss of earnings benefits (maternity, military) and dispatch
  • Control of indemnities received
  • Entry of indemnities on salaries
  • Follow-up and management of client communications

Family allowances

  • Preparation of requests for family allowances
  • Establishing withdrawal cards for beneficiaries of family allowances
  • Entry of family allowances on salaries and monthly coordination
  • Follow-up and management of client communications

Work permits

  • Scheduling of expiration dates for permits
  • Preparation of work permit renewals
  • Dispatch of announcement forms for EU/EFTA citizens
  • Initial request for permit optional

Taxation at source

  • Drawing up statements for debiting taxes at source
  • Regular updating of employees' personal situations
  • Availability of qualified people to coordinate relations and define administrative procedures
  • Organisation of information sessions for the personnel and production of informative documents for the staff

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Advantages for companies

Experience et expertise
With our knowledge of the laws and practices in Switzerland, we can provide not only added value through our specialisation, but also considerable time savings for HR managers. By externalizing payroll and the administrative services management, our CareDesk can provide you with flexibility and reactivity in the daily management of HR and liberate you from cumbersome tasks.
Solutions flexibles
Nos outils évoluent régulièrement grâce à notre équipe informatique interne et un coût global fixe vous est proposé incluant un nombre illimité de runs de paie mensuels, de rubriques de salaire et tous les travaux de reporting liés à votre paie.
Integrated with the company's procedures, the dedicated, multinlingual counsellors are in constant interaction with the HR employees and managers to ensure a fluid exchange of information. Furthermore, the digitalization of our services optimizes daily collaboration.
Our tools and processes
  • Annual certification of our ISAE 3402 type II processes
  • Swissdec certification of our management tool : PeopleSoft 
  • Interaction between PeopleSoft and Unipro for optimal management
  • Possible interface with your internal tools
  • Secure data exchange
  • Data hosted in Switzerland

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Benefits for employees
  • A Caredesk dedicated to employees, composed of multilingual managers based in Switzerland
  • Taking into account all the information to guarantee the payment of their salary
  • Delivery of personalized monthly pay slips via a secure web portal
  • Information on any regulatory changes
Benefits for the administration
  • Systematization of the controls defined in the internal control system (ISAE3402 type II audit)
  • Provision of annual and monthly statements to the Swiss administration in accordance with Swissdec
  • Support to your team during the financial audit or OASI (AVS) 
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