The Caredesk Payroll and HR Services, always by your side

As a dedicated task force for clients, our Caredesk manages the totality of tasks linked to corporate payroll and HR administration. To provide you with a high-quality HR outsourcing service and to build a relationship of trust with you HR teams and your staff, we have set up:
  • A dedicated team for each client
  • A telephone hotline from 8:30 to 17:30, from Monday to Friday in French, English, German and Italian

Our management services for Payroll and HR administration

  • Entry of all the data needed to pay your staff
  • Management of changes linked to personnel movements
  • Supply of online salary slips to your staff
  • Editing of payment files
  • Editing of financial reports
  • Editing of all the monthly and annual legal reports
  • Management of the following administrative tasks: AVS-AC / APG / Family allowances / Work permits

The advantages for companies

  • Flexibility and customisation of our processes to meet your needs
  • Certification ISAE 3402 type II: the guarantee of a very high level of security for the protection of your data
  • At your service: a dedicated, multilingual and experienced team (varied clientele, monthly edition of more than 3,500 pay slips)
  • Use of market leader ERP software, certified Swissdec and capable of interfacing with your tools
  • Possibility to extend the ERP with modules that monitor employee performance, competencies, expense sheets and the recruiting process
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