5 points action plan to help you manage absenteeism in your company


With the help of its recognised partners, Swiss Risk & Care takes action to promote the well-being of the company. Though it is often forgotten, this preventive step allows a virtuous cycle to be created within your organisation, limiting the occurrence of absences. Discover our four recommendations:


Plan a company wellness charter

Fight against stress and overworking

Coach leaders on management

Identify and prevent the risk of occupational stress

Involve employees and management in this approach

Announce the launch of the charter

Incorporating the charter into the annual appraisal process
Highlight internal communication in your HR policy

Educate management about work overload

Promote collective relaxation activities
Provide training on management

Educate managers on absenteeism and the consequences for the company
Establish HR mediation actions

Promote dialogue in the company

A mandatory step in any business, absence management can quickly become time consuming for HR departments. Moreover, effective absence management is valuable in establishing detailed reporting and to establish an action plan to maintain, or even reduce, your absenteeism. These two important elements should be highlighted with insurers when renewing your insurance policies, which allows you to control the associated costs. Swiss Risk & Care offers 360° support through its pioneering tools in Switzerland.


Our CareDesk teams

Managing changes

IT solutions

Mobile app

Dedicated channels

Multilingual managers

Tracking absences from A to Z

Coordinating with the insurer
Customised processes

Qualified and experienced Project Team

Monitoring and reporting on progress

Communication management
Customisation & Setup

Interface with your HR tools

Data exchange with insurers

Training & Support
Simplicity & Efficiency

User-friendly interface

Innovative & Ergonomic

Implementation of paperless certificates

Care management by Swiss Risk & Care: Discover our PREVENTIO solution, or how to put your absent employees at the centre of the game and encourage their return to work.

Absences: A financial and organisational challenge

Preventio : a flexible and efficient solution

With the growing increase in the number of absences, and legal obligations for compensation by the employer, companies are increasingly exposed to high costs associated with absenteeism. If the direct costs of an absence are often projected (daily allowances, replacement worker’s salary, etc.) the indirect costs, which are 3 to 5 times higher than direct ones, are often overlooked: productivity loss, team disorganisation, delivery delays, stress and deteriorating working conditions, etc.
To limit and even reduce this steady increase, Swiss Risk & Care has developed the Preventio service to take action beginning on the first day of absence. Often, no action is taken during the waiting time of your insurance programme and the link with the absent employee is broken. Also, Preventio, through a robust, well defined process, enables care managers at Swiss Risk & Care to play a mediating role and anticipate the return of the employee.

If the essence of our role as broker is to bring you the insurance programme that best suits your needs, the fact remains that there are several options. We can shed new light on an often static situation, which is far from optimal in terms of costs.



For your accident cover, you can clearly improve the performance of your accident insurance through a Complementary Accident Insurance Policy and strengthen the HR policy for your employees.

Concerning daily allowances for illness, different models are available to you, and it's not always easy to make sense of them all. By using the history of your absence data, monitored through our tool and our CareDesk service, our actuary teams are able to conduct a detailed analysis of your claims and investigate different scenarios for your business. Depending on your circumstances and your ability to maintain more or less of the risk, our experts will help you discover how to save money!

Swiss Risk & Care operates with external specialists to support our customers in addressing this topic.
After a long work stoppage, we help you set up an arrangement that favours your employee’s effective return to work.

This return must be foreseen and prepared for. It is therefore important to always maintain a connection with the absent employees, to assess the situation and define the key steps with them for their gradual return to the company. This period should also enable each party to pull back with respect to the terms of the return to work. Often, a change in position makes perfect sense, and will facilitate your employee’s return to work.

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