Medical expenses:

a real headache!

Les frais médicaux : un véritable casse-tête !



Basic or supplementary insurance, individual or collective contracts: it can be hard to find your way through the jungle of packages offered by insurance companies. Understanding the subtleties of each solution and comparing them is essential when looking for the best value for money.

At Swiss Risk & Care, we want to cut through the complexity of insurance to make your decision- making process easier. Using constant monitoring and a thorough knowledge of the medical market, our experts have developed a unique comparison tool for health insurance providers and their products. This comparison tool enables us to design insurance solutions which are adapted to your HR policy and the evolution of your company.
In the field of medical expenses, we assist employers who wish to set up collective contracts and optimise their HR policies, as well as employees in choosing and monitoring their insurance policies.

Establishment and management of collective contracts

Swiss Risk & Care designs and implements collective health insurance policies tailored to your needs and to the diversity of your employees: Swiss residents, border residents (LAMal and CMU), immigrants, expatriates and seconded employees. From the negotiation of the contract to its day-to-day upkeep, you benefit from the best performance on the market:
  • A dedicated Caredesk
  • Multilingual experts in medical expenses
  • Answers to your employees’ questions
  • Constant interaction with your HR managers
  • A method which is incorporated into your company’s processes

Individual Solutions for Health Insurance (FMSI)

Since September 2017, Swiss Risk & Care has offered companies a new service at no extra cost. It consists of personalised assistance for your employees regarding health insurance:
  • You have a collective health insurance contract
⇒  We assist outgoing employees in understanding and establishing their new individual coverage. Although it also affects individuals, it provides better monitoring of collective contracts for businesses.
  • You do not have a collective contract but are looking for alternative solutions for your employees
⇒  We help them choose their health insurance using our unique tool. Les Frais Médicaux Solutions Individuelles (FMSI)

An innovative comparison tool to guide you in your choices

The Swiss Risk & Care comparison tool analyses the services offered by seven insurance companies, as well as the levels of their premiums and their solvency based on criteria selected by the applicant through a tailor-made questionnaire.

It has been developed by our expert, Philippe Roche, using an independent methodology.
Sanitas, CSS, Helsana, Groupe Mutuel, Swica, Visana and Concordia are insurance companies which have been selected following an analysis of the following criteria:
  • Positioning in the market
  • Financial situation (reserves, solvency ratio, compensation funds, etc.)
  • Evolution of premiums
  • Evolution and quality of service
On this basis, we guarantee that each customer can choose the coverage best suited to their specific needs in terms of benefits: hospitalisation, outpatient, dental, overseas care and alternative medicine.

Our expert

Philippe Roche

As an expert in medical expenses, Philippe Roche has 30 years of experience in setting up collective contracts.

FMSI : a personalised solution, unique within the market

Véronique Vernaz presents Swiss Risk & Care’s new product for businesses: a unique tool to guide employees in choosing their health insurance.

Why create a health insurance comparison tool?

Initially, there was a desire to predict the evolution of premiums in order to best advise our customers. So our expert, Philippe Roche, developed a benchmark for health insurance companies that takes more criteria into account than Comparis comparison tools. An analysis of insurers’ financial situations, particularly with regards to compensation funds, provides an accurate overview of the evolution of costs. This means we can help individuals choose health insurance for the short and medium terms.

What are the benefits for businesses?

FMSI are, first and foremost, social benefits included in general HR policies to retain employees and attract new talent. In comparison with its competitors, the company benefits from a significant asset and becomes more attractive. Secondly, good health insurance coverage has a direct impact on employee absenteeism in that it affects their health. To have an impact on reducing absenteeism, one has to control personal insurance premiums.

How much does this new service cost?

This is a service which is unique in the market and which we offer to businesses at no additional cost. Whether used in the management of collective contracts or for the optimisation of HR policies on employee coverage, neither the employer nor the employees incur any type of cost. This offer is part of our general brokerage approach: selection of the best services based on criteria which are important for employees, and advice and guidance up until purchase of the contract.

Our expert

Véronique Vernaz

Director of Development & Coordination at Swiss Risk & Care, Véronique Vernaz manages, together with Daniel Wyssen, the brand new team of five employees dedicated to Individual Individual Solutions for Health Insurance (FMSI).