Insurance & LPP Caredesk: experts at your disposal

The Insurance and LPP Caredesk provides all its expertise in the technical management of insurance and pension provisions contracts, relations with insurers and internal support for client managers. The managers listen to companies on the management of their risks and advise employees on all issues related to their pension provisions.
To guarantee you a high value-added service and establish a relationship of trust and proximity, we have put in place :
  • A dedicated team per employer
  • A telephone hotline from 8:30 to 12 AM and from 1:30 to 5 PM, from monday to friday, in french, english, german and italian

Our services for managing your employees' occupational pension provisions

  • Renewal and/or adaptation of contracts to new legal provisions and/or new market practices
  • Annual report and benchmark for Human Resources and Management
  • Coordination with the HR team and Payroll provider for transfers
  • Support for the management of long-term absence cases by a dedicated expert, including:
    • Coordination with your absence management provider and/or HR team
    • Management of the release of contributions with the pension fund and coordination with the Payroll provider
  • Monitoring and control of transfers announced by the employer
  • Support and follow-up of medical examinations requested by the insurer
  • Support for insured persons in certain procedures (repurchase, retirement, etc.)
  • Support for the employer (employee communication, etc.)
  • Individual advices for insured persons in addition to our Caredesk dedicated for individuals

Our services for managing your insurance portfolio

  • Checking of accounts (premiums, accruals, bonuses, etc.) 
  • Maintenance of schedules (final accounts, surplus shares, etc.) 
  • Maintenance of building listings and/or client vehicle fleets
  • Reduction of administrative tasks, organisation and implementation of procedures 
  • General assistance, advices and portfolio monitoring 
  • Claims support (interpretation of insurance conditions, disputes, mediation, special cases)

Advantages for companies

Our associated services 



Swiss Risk & Care perceives itself to be an architect of insurance solutions. While searching for the coverage most adapted to its clients’ requirements, both corporate and individual, Swiss Risk & Care has developed a functional agility that guarantees responsiveness and innovation.
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Pension provisions

Pension provisions

A complete range of solutions to prepare for your retirement and that of your staff, creating savings, reducing taxes and allowing you to build the foundations for a more secure future.
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HR Services

HR Services

The administrative part is important, time-consuming and strongly mobilises the HR teams. By deciding to outsource all or part of these tasks, you give yourself the opportunity to devote yourself fully to your core business: the management of the men and women in the company.
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Actuarial Consulting

Actuarial Consulting

Having calculation and modelling tools and expert advice on risk management are key factors for a company or an institution. We have developed these skills at Swiss Risk & Care to support our clients in their growth.
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Our news

Pension Plan Innovation


Switzerland, renowned for its robust pension system, is facing major challenges as a result of its aging population and growing economic pressures.
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Facing new risks


In the face of new risks that are not covered or only partially covered by traditional insurance policies, such as movable assets and civil liability insurance, insurers are making several polices available collectively to companies.
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