Providing support for our clients at all times

Our success is based on our teams' commitment and their proximity to our widely diverse clientele.

  • Each client has the support of a dedicated team comprising a counsellor and managers
  • The counsellor is responsible for centralising and coordinating the relationship and has the benefit of an overall view of the account
  • On a daily basis, each client is in contact with the Caredesk managers ensuring access to the benefits listed in the contract

Our counsellors are your dedicated contacts

The special relationship between each client and their dedicated Swiss Risk & Care contact ensures the efficiency of our support. Their contact can rely on the expertise of the various Caredesks and support functions.

This organisation allows us to provide the most appropriate solutions. It guarantees the global excellence that we owe to our clients. permet de concevoir les solutions les mieux adaptées.

Fabrice Veyrat
Key Account Manager
Amina Belkhiria
Solutions HR Director
Jeremy Daidié
Key Account Manager
Swiss Risk & Care - Etienne Verret
Etienne Verret
Key Account Manager and Special Risk Expert
Natacha Ostyn
Key Account Manager
Laurent Risse
Key Account Manager
Sabino Cella - Swiss Risk & Care
Sabino Cella
Key Account Manager
Christelle Jacotey
Corporate Development Manager, Businesses and Special Programmes
Corinne Vazzoler
Key Account Manager
Marjorie Le Bihan
Key Account Manager

Our Caredesk: our task force dedicated to our clients

Veritable hotlines, our Caredesks free our clients from administrative tasks. This saves them precious time they may then use to concentrate on their core business.

  • All based in Switzerland and multilingual
  • There is constant interaction between employees and HR managers on a daily basis
  • The Caredesks interact to ensure fluid and seamless management

4 Caredesks at your disposal:

Caredesk Absences and Accidents
Follow-up on your employees' absences and accidents with tried and tested procedures.
Caredesk Medical Expenses
The management of group insurance contracts set up and implemented especially for you, no matter what specifications are required: Swiss residents, trans-border employees, impatriates and expatriates.
Caredesk Insurance/LPP
The technical, administrative and accounting management of insurance and pension fund contracts.
Caredesk Payroll and HR Administrative Services

Customizable solutions for the management of payroll and other HR administrative tasks.

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