Optimal health insurance coverage: a plus for the employee and the employer

Having good health insurance has numerous advantages, including for employers. Companies can then participate in the implementation of collective or individual health insurance solutions. While it is not necessary, the employer’s financial participation constitutes a real benefit for employees and becomes an important element in increasing employee loyalty.

Depending on your employment strategy and the population to be insured, Swiss Risk & Care offers three types of solution:

  • A framework contract
  • A group contract

These solutions are destined to SMEs, SMIs, large national companies or multinationals and to public institutions.

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Our health insurance services

1. Definition of your needs
Depending on the population to be insured (Swiss residents, impatriates/expatriates, cross-border workers, persons seconded, family members) and your employment strategy, we can offer you adapted solutions:
  • A framework contract, if you choose uniform coverage without wanting to favour any one insurer or paying a participation
  • A group contract, if you decide to assume all or part of the premium paid by the employees, if you want to make adhesion to the contract compulsory and retain only one selected insurer.
  • A group contract with franchise management
2. Day-to-day management of your healthcare programme
Our CareDesk is responsible for the management of your health insurance contract and guarantees you local service:
  • Analysis of the situation and definition of the solution
  • A dedicated CareDesk or counsellor placed at your disposal to answer your questions
  • Scheduling of information sessions that can be individual or in groups
  • Providing support to your employees for the implementation of the contract
  • Counselling and support in the event of disputes with insurance companies
  • Management of invoicing in the event of a group invoice

Advantages for the employer

Attractiveness of your employer brand
Offering health insurance solutions provides a social advantage. When it is included in your global HR policy, it can increase loyalty amongst your employees and attract new talent. In comparison with the concurrence, you have the benefit of an important asset and your attractiveness is enhanced.
Cost management

The reduction of absenteeism also leads to controlled management of personal insurance premiums. Optimising your social costs also has an impact on your taxes.

Made-to-measure counselling and services
The support provided by Swiss Risk & Care will release HR from answering staff questions and the daily management of contracts.

Advantages for employees

Optimisation of healthcare coverage
With the framework contract, the group contract or the group contract with franchise managment, employee healthcare coverage will be optimised, at favourable rates. The insurance offers are analysed in the light of individual needs and a personalised recommendation is proposed to help with the decision.
Advantageous terms

In the context of framework and group contracts, the employees have a reduction on supplementary insurance and no restrictions on entry.

Dedicated CareDesks

Our CareDesks are staffed by multilingual specialists who are at your staff’s disposal during the implementation of coverage and to answer their specific questions throughout the life of the contract.

Practical case 1 - The employer participates to the health insurance premium of the group contract

1. Issue of the client

An employee is diagnosed with a stage 4 herniated disc and surgery is required.

2. Solutions provided by a group contract
Inpatient treatment in semi-private ward, surgery a few hours after hospitalisation.
3. Results
Due to the fast intervention, the employee has a shorter sick leave and can return to work more quickly. By setting up a group contract for health insurance, the employer ensures that his employee has a good insurance coverage and improves the profitability of his company’s insurance contracts (UVG, UVGZ, loss of earnings insurance, etc.).

Practical case 2 - An employee joins a group contract for health insurance

1. Issue of the client

An employee spends more than CHF 1,400 a year on complementary health insurance, which enables him or her to fill the gaps in the obligatory health insurance coverage and to be insured, for example, for hospitalisation in a clinic.

2. Solutions provided by a group contract

The employer sets up a group contract that enables the employees to save up to 10% of their insurance premiums and to obtain a better insurance coverage.

3. Results

DIn case the employee falls ill, he/she will have the possibility to choose the specialist and to obtain excellent treatment.

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