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Health insurance for foreign students in Switzerland

In Switzerland health insurance is compulsory. Our specialised portal simplifies the enrolment procedure with health insurance companies to a maximum for foreign students in Switzerland.

A clever blend of simplicity, boldness and customisation, our offer allows you to choose the indispensable health insurance coverage during your studies in Switzerland, at an attractive price, and that meets the regulatory constraints.

Whatever your status (student, doctoral student, trainee) or your training (school, university, campus, summer camp, internship), choose the insurance that meets your needs and your personal situation.

You can also take advantage of our attractive conditions to supplement your health insurance coverage with other insurance policies:

Household/housing insurance

To avoid any inconvenience (theft, water damage, fire, natural events), you can choose to take out household/housing insurance to cover your belongings in your home.

Private civil liability insurance

Our offer also proposes a simplified affiliation to private civil liability insurance which covers, in particular, your liability as a tenant. This insurance will be demanded by your landlord.
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Health insurance for Swiss students

With premiums that increase nearly every year, the cost of basic health insurance weighs ever heavier in your student budget. However, there is a solution to reducing expenses: choose the right insurance model. 

Our team ISHI - Individual Solutions for Health Insurance – is at your disposal to help you pay less while maintaining complete coverage.

Supplementary health insurance

When faced with the multiple solutions for supplementary health insurance, it is hard to choose the coverage that is best adapted to your needs. Our experts are committed to guiding and advising you in complete independence. Thanks to a questionnaire, your specific needs regarding all the services shown below will be clarified:
  • Hospitalisation
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Dental care
  • Healthcare abroad
  • Alternative medicine
Your answers are then fed into an in-house comparator and the results are deciphered by our ISHI team. They will then make recommendations to guide you in your choice and support you in requesting quotes and negotiating with insurers.

Supplementary health insurance comparator

A new and unique tool on the market, the ISHI comparator analyses the benefits offered by the seven biggest health insurers, the premium levels and the insurers’ degree of solvability. It was developed using an independent method and takes into account more pertinent criteria than the known comparators.
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