While technical excellence in customer satisfaction is a founding principle of Swiss Risk & Care, our core value is


Giving our individual best is not enough to ensure customer satisfaction. The excellence we provide our clients is above all the result of our ability to share and pool expertise in-house. For our clients, our excellence is rooted in how the whole team works together.

We provide support through a dedicated adviser whose ongoing concern is building a lasting relationship with his or her clients based on trust and mutual listening. We are committed to intelligently simplifying the complexity of risk management so as to facilitate transparent decision making.

Always responsive and benefiting from an in-depth knowledge of markets, our experts systematically carry out pointed audits before proposing customised solutions. They negotiate independently with insurance companies and pension funds. And they ensure the implementation and management of policies. This rigorous methodology, buttressed by regular contact with our clients, ensures the excellence of our services.

Our approach demonstrates an unwavering commitment to both our clients and our own teams. Which drives us to do better. Always.

Coming from different backgrounds in the insurance and pensions industry, every employee possesses specific and recognised professional expertise. Through their multidisciplinary excellence and the extent of our offerings, we are able to provide comprehensive and optimised insurance and pension solutions, regardless of the nature of the risks and issues.


Discover what Swiss Risk & Care means for our employees:


  • veyrat_fabrice_1

    Fabrice Veyrat, Key Account Manager

    Since Swiss Risk & Care was founded, I’ve been able to broaden the range of products and offers we provide to our clients and strengthen our partnership as a result. As part of this, my role as a consultant is to make the connection between the services we offer, whether it be for our clients or internally. In addition to technical skills, this position allows me the opportunity to develop in human relations management.
  • Anna Valenzi, Health insurance claims manager

    Swiss Risk & Care gave me the challenge to which I aspired: changing the industry while remaining in the field of insurance in order to improve my knowledge. I joined a team of experts who teach me a lot.
  • Karim Djedidi, Commercial apprentice

    Training quality and team spirit: at Swiss Risk & Care, I have everything to succeed my apprenticeship as a commercial employee. Accompanied and guided daily by my apprenticeship teacher, I have the chance to progress and achieve high-value assignments for our clients.

Favor proximity

Being close to our clients and reaching out to them to come up with appropriate and effective solutions. Internally, the proximity between the teams allows for synergies to form and sharing to be practised, which is crucial to everyone’s commitment and collective performance.

Be receptive

Being attentive to our clients, their thinking, their needs, and their expectations to strengthen our ability to anticipate and customise our offer. Encouraging involvement to enrich our exchanges and mutual respect. Listening allows us to be prepared for everything at all times, with respect to both the outside world and the inside world, enabling us to be proactive.

Cultivate the audacity

Going beyond our knowledge, our daily lives, and our plans to create innovative solutions for our clients. By daring to take positions and excelling individually and collectively with a view to our ongoing improvement lets us stay one step ahead of the game.

Strive for excellence

Pushing the quality threshold limits on a day-to-day basis to give our best and offer our clients exceptional solutions. Founded on an ongoing commitment, excellence is an ideal that drives us; it is a source of pride and recognition.
Beyond the individual experience accumulated and the collective intelligence that goes into our answers, it is our independence that makes all the difference.
Our ethics are founded on the independence of our thinking and how we choose and act. This freedom allows us to position ourselves as veritable architects of insurance and pension solutions. These solutions are entirely focused on our clients’ needs and issues.

Choosing Swiss Risk & Care means choosing a committed and responsible partner who puts clients’ interests first. We value our independence, a guarantee of both transparency and trust. For our clients, our independence is their best assurance of excellence.


“Let us dare today to insure tomorrow”

Our entrepreneurial spirit and collective dynamics mean we are constantly challenging ourselves to move further and faster together. This resolutely proactive approach allows us to be bolder and more innovative.
Beyond specific technical expertise in the insurance and pension field, we offer custom solutions that are developed based on the specific needs and circumstances of each of our clients. We strive to meet the challenges of our market by creating new products that contribute to its development.

Our innovative and forward-thinking culture together with our independence ensures our clients an added-value and ethical approach. Which makes all the difference.