Discover how to manage your insurance portfolio abroad






Centralised insurance management

Management of your risks adapted for your organisation and governance

Identification of representatives at location

Standardisation of cover levels between countries

Identification of duplicates and/or gaps in insurance

Compliance with local legal regulations

Homogeneity of information

Sharing a common, dedicated tool

Defining a validation workflow

Industrialisation of the risk management process

Pooling of insurance risks

Mutualisation of partners


Through a formalised process with our customers and our local partners, our approach enables greater efficiency and transparency in the management of risks.

Swiss Risk & Care enjoys proactive and daily relations with local brokers and insurers, across the globe.
With local brokers, we implement management protocols and send them procedures to ensure that you obtain the same high level of service worldwide.
We control the issuance of documents, and send you reports regularly. We inform you of the local legal obligations and insurance practices, and notify you of any difficulties.
With your programme insurers, we oversee the implementation and compliance of your policies, we analyze the development of your local requirements and renegotiate where necessary.
Discover the main services we deliver :

Global programme coordination

Assistance, consulting and service for your local subsidiaries

Information and reporting

Communication of your insurance policy to your subsidiaries

Implementation of local contracts

Application of the local policy terms and conditions negotiated centrally
Audit of all risks faced by your local subsidiaries

Completion of an audit report, country by country / risk by risk

Local implementation of a servicing agreement duplicating the agreement validated by head office

Identification of local obligations

Checks to ensure that coverage meets local needs
Consolidation of information on all local policies

Monitoring of deadlines and quality of deliverables

Communication of clear and complete information for the parent company

Information on the insurance market per country (mandatory insurance, tax, country-specific risks, etc.)
Swiss Risk & Care is a partner of the JLT International Network, the 2nd global brokerage network, present in more than 135 countries.
With local brokers who are members of the network, we share common values of client proximity and service. A quality and service charter embodies the contractual commitments of all network members toward our clients.
For you, it is a guarantee that you will benefit from the same high level of service in Switzerland and worldwide.

Where necessary, a local broker may be replaced and we may go further to meet your requirements by working with a network of your choice.


An experienced team

A quality network

A shared tracking tool

More than 20 years of experience in managing international programmes

A team of dedicated experts
Partnership with JLT International network

2nd largest international brokerage network

Active in more than 135 companies
International risk management tool

Consulting policies and claims

Powerful, customisable reporting
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